Dangerous Storm Sweeps in With Official Start of Winter

Meteorologist Damon Lane tracks the latest weather across the nation.
3:00 | 12/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous Storm Sweeps in With Official Start of Winter
the dangerous storm on the first official day of winter. 24 states in the crosshairs right now. Snow, wind, ice, flooding and tornadoes. And the timing could not be trickier. 95 million americans are expected to be driving or flying somewhere for christmas. We want to welcome damon lane, from koco. Damon is tracking it all. Good to have you here. Great to be here. It's a mess as we look into the oklahoma city metro. Freezing rain falling overnight. We look at this picture from norman, oklahoma, shows the ice accumulating on the tree limbs there. And this is all part of an even bigger winter storm that's crippling much of the nation. For many americans, christmas travel is looking to be messy and cold. We expect it to get a lot worse. With the snow coming tomorrow. Reporter: The storm is threatening to wreak havoc for the 95 million people taking to the streets and skies. With ice and snow already delaying 9,100 flights and littering highways with wrecked cars. If you're traveling, you're going to want to go early. For some people who can't make that decision, it's going to be a gamble. Reporter: In the northwest, snow and slick roads led to this ten-vehicle pileup in washington. Icy conditions in kansas caused multimillion. Cars to lose control and flip. Ice in oklahoma was the cause of a deadly pileup. It knocked out power to nearly 3,000 homes and left everything from cars to christmas decorations encased in ice. In maine, residents are rushing to clear their roofs to prevent them from collapsing. If it's going to be one or the other, I'd rather have the snow. The ice, it's a lot harder to deal with. Reporter: Workers in iowa, wisconsin and michigan prep roadways for drivers braving the blinding snow. While echoing the same message, be safe. It's important to drive carefully, drive slow, drive defensively. You would rather have snow than ice. We're going to see the ice stretching from oklahoma city to sul la, around columbia. And later this evening, headed towards new england. Hazardous roads, power outages can be expected. The snow side to the storm will stretch from wichita, des moines, milwaukee. We're talking 6 to 10 inches of snow. And then, there's a severe side to this storm system, as well. A moderate risk for severe weather. We're talking about the threat for tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds from jackson, mississippi, as you go up towards memphis, as well. It looks like could be a busy day for the first day of winter. Bianna? Welcome to winter, indeed. Damon, welcome to you. Great to have you here with us. Thanks.

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{"id":21297599,"title":"Dangerous Storm Sweeps in With Official Start of Winter","duration":"3:00","description":"Meteorologist Damon Lane tracks the latest weather across the nation.","url":"/GMA/video/dangerous-storm-sweeps-official-start-winter-21297599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}