Dangers of Wrong-Way Driving

Wrong-way crashes make up only 3 percent of accidents, but one study says they are 27 times more deadly.
1:54 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Dangers of Wrong-Way Driving
Zplrvelgts you know, the dangers of wrong-way driving hit home over the holiday weekend. Multiple deadly accidents. David Kerley is in Washington with what you can do to protect yourself on the road. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, George. You're right. There was a spate of wrong-way accidents over the weekend. In Arizona -- A single vehicle wrong way driver into a greyhound bus. Reporter: The wrong-way driver was killed. More than a does on the bus injured. Zh one benefit is the weight of the bus. And the impact at the that bus is able to take on. Reporter: A college football play nor Massachusetts killed going the wrong way Thanksgiving. And Sunday, two killed on long Island. Five deadly accidents over the holiday. We have seen them before. Captured on video. Vehicles on the wrong side of the road speeding. While wrong-way crashes make up only 3% of accidents, they're 27 times more deadly, says one study. Between 300 and 400 deaths a year. Nearly 60% of the accidents involve drivers who have been drinking. What can you do? Stay out testify fast lane. Stay in the middle lanes or the right lane IFS you can. If it's a two-way highway, be alert. Look ahead. Reporter: There are calls to change the way roads are designed. Often onramping and jaufr ramps are next to each other, which can lead to mistakes. Some experts say lower the do not enter science, make them bigger. Possibly add rumble strips that a driver gets the cue they're going the wrong way. And not surprising, as we mentioned, alcohol always a factor. Celebrations lead to more of these accidents. Some good tips from the police officer, when you're on theed roos during the holidays and celebrations, be very alert. Gotta be. Boy, those rumble strips would be a good addition. Coming up, cybermonday

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{"id":43819169,"title":"Dangers of Wrong-Way Driving","duration":"1:54","description":"Wrong-way crashes make up only 3 percent of accidents, but one study says they are 27 times more deadly.","url":"/GMA/video/dangers-wrong-driving-43819169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}