Daniel Humm's 'I Love NY' Recipes

The executive chef of New York's Eleven Madison Park cooks up recipes you can make from his new cookbook.
3:49 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for Daniel Humm's 'I Love NY' Recipes
And I do mean treat because one of our nation's top chefs, executive chef of New York's premiere restaurant, 11 Madison park, is back with us now. He's going to reveal his secrets to dishes he we can all make. It's from his cookbook, "I love N.C." Hey, Daniel. My favorite dishes right here. I'm so happy it's finally spring. New York had such a cold winter. Finally, it's warm. And all of the ingredients are coming up at the same time. Tell us about the dishes you're going to make here. What's the first one? Oh. This is roasted lamb. And just one tip for home, when you're at home and you're roasting meat, you want to take it out of the refrigerator maybe half an hour before, so it comes up to room temperature. When you sear it, it browns more evenly. When it's cooked, you want it to rest for as long as you cooked it. You let it rest for as long as you cooked it? When you cook a steak and you take it out of the pan, and you cut it open, all of the juices run out. And it looks delicious. Ooh. Okay. So, we have this first dish. We have lamb. And now -- We have some roasted beats. When you're at home and you buy some beats, even the big ones, I love to wrap them in aluminum foil. And add a little sauce, a little sugar, and vinegar. And you cook for a big beat, you cook them for an hour. And it really intensifies the flavor of the beat. In aluminum foil. How long? A big beat, about 25 minutes. It has a nice kick to it. I can't wait. I love beats. I love beats. Then, here -- here we have asparagus. We wrapped them in parchment paper. We sealed them with butter. They stay moist. That's your tip to use the parchment paper like that? Lara, will you do the honors of the last one? Ta-da. And apple fritters, one of my favorite recipes that my mom used to make. But with frying in general, we use canola oil because it has a high smoke point. And there's nothing worse than eating a soggy apple fritter. When you have something fried, you want to eat it right away because you want it to be crispy. There is sugar and cinnamon on here. I can smell it. You want to do it when it just comes out, so it holds on to the batter. Same when you do French fries. You want to add the salt when it comes out of the fryer for the same reason. If you're having a dinner party, do you do this after the meal with guests? Is it that quick? You have everything prepared. The apple slices, the cinnamon sugar and then, it's done in five minutes. You know, you help us not to be intimidated. To embrace it and know that delicious dishes like this, little simple tips make all of the difference. Absolutely. You know, cooking is -- cooking is so simple. Like, the way we do it at the restaurant, we add all of these other things. But it's a simple thing. Yeah. That's it. "I love N.Y." It's in stores now. You can get the recipes for these dishes at goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo!

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{"id":23437196,"title":"Daniel Humm's 'I Love NY' Recipes","duration":"3:49","description":"The executive chef of New York's Eleven Madison Park cooks up recipes you can make from his new cookbook.","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-humms-love-ny-recipes-23437196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}