Darby Stanchfield Gives 'Scandal' Finale Sneak Peek

The actress who famously plays Abby Whelan on the hit show gives you a taste of the season finale.
3:05 | 04/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Darby Stanchfield Gives 'Scandal' Finale Sneak Peek
Watch it Thursday or late yourself Friday. Fans are counting down the hours, if not the minutes, until tonight's physician finale of "Scandal." We have Darby here with us this morning. And there's so much to get to. Gladiators out there are in so much anticipation. I know it's top-secret. It's my favorite episode. How many cliff-hanger questions will be answered? Quite a few. But awe long with a cliff-hanger question, there will be about -- answers, it will be about three more questions that sprout out from the answers. They got this. But what about this, this and this? You brought us a sneak peek. Got something for you. Call it a parting gift. It's not for you. It's for Huck. What is it? Something he wants more than anything. Why would you give him what he wants? Because in that envelope is any end to any happiness you might have. I'm not going to open it. Open it, or don't open it. It will eat away at you either way because you know it exists. That sets up a question that so many people are asking. Will Quinn be killed? Please, say yes. I can't give away what will happen with Quinn. I can say she gets into more trouble. More trouble. Abbie got to play Olivia. Maybe not the best of results. How was it to be Olivia by proxy? It felt like I was on another show. When I watch the white house world, it's on TV. To be dressed up in the white coat and to be, you know, interacting with the president, it was like guest starring on another show. Amazing. I love it. And I want to get a few questions here. Are you feeling lucky? We have the slot machine here. It comes complete with this great audio. We have Melissa, that asked, what was the atmosphere like when you were Reading the script together? Did anything go across the room? Shonda rhimes was say, it's only act two. And there would be a gasp. And we would do another act. And she did it all the way through because it felt like an entire act was an entire episode. That is such a good Tuesday for tonight. You all were screaming and reeling, Reading the script. Talk about every reaction, crying, laughing. Everything you've ever experienced as a gladiator happens tonight. We cannot wait. Thank you so much for joining us. You can watch the season finale of "Scandal," here on ABC. Coming up, former "Dancing with the stars" co-host, Samantha Harris.

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{"id":23359522,"title":"Darby Stanchfield Gives 'Scandal' Finale Sneak Peek","duration":"3:05","description":"The actress who famously plays Abby Whelan on the hit show gives you a taste of the season finale.","url":"/GMA/video/darby-stanchfield-sneak-peek-scandal-finale-23359522","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}