New Dating App Matches You With a Partner Based on Things You Mutually Hate

Plus, the "GMA" anchors discuss the new words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
5:06 | 02/08/17

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Transcript for New Dating App Matches You With a Partner Based on Things You Mutually Hate
I have to take you don't Valentine's Day is is not that's left far away. Bob how many of you have a valid. Comedy I'd get so big and great having you singled look at what valid. They wouldn't it make you what do you think of you think of loved Graham she couldn't love. Well they're gonna ask about David can help you get a date if you single for Valentine's Day or isn't and out of that list on the loan Australia it's called hader. Cap they value most people bond over their loved them something but you can also bond over your hate I had this idea yeah. Yeah. He's certain okay this. Young guy the banker he decided going to be comedian. But he started out good luck it can't get caught hater but people truly have bonded over their hate the things they hear something they're older to Belden things. On the list. Here is in one. Zombie movies. Lover hey hey hey hey not a fan okay now gloomy liberate you would love it. The beards. Out okay but. Asking for directions. You love it a lot of so my. You don't mind it when someone refuses to. Haven't had a middle gets a big out of this room today to let go hook up but you're tipping less than 15%. Hey day. The former waitress hated. Explain this a lot of pillows. Teaches on. You know this without written this when I could this film a lot about personal fifth having nothing to do. You hate that asking him what some have nothing to do all I don't know who that person who has Brian. Okay biting ice cream. Let's do it now yeah. Yeah. But the reason you did pat let me sit because people bond that would be me hate. Yes that most of you bond to redeem that you love it kept finding common and common ground but it wouldn't be better to find it a positive sign that. Positive side about the flip side I would think so I thinks what he wanted to write before Valentine's Day. In other important coming up now here is a debatable right now. He's at because there's what one thing all single people hate. It's Valentine's Day. Caving in on things to get better idea isn't. They disagree with a lot of time talking about it she took. How good beta users already Bob a lot of people out there hate black it's. That Harriet yeah I'm what transitions well to what we're gonna talk about increasing your vocabulary you know Merriam Webster. As thousands of words and phrases that they had so I would have some new ones and that's why we could apply to. If what you're talking about does not work do you know the meaning of this oh yeah. Yet they don't want to help you see here on the mind absolutely so you don't interviewing him it's like did okay. Yeah. I'm gonna act out the second one okay what's this. Side I'd I'd. Check. I also sign. I didn't I didn't which would even think you'll hear the candidates. I didn't go there yeah. I had to be just be Satan and every. And the chairman of reed the next one you could know this what what this one is this one says. All officially now in the news they are absolutely. Official and I'm trying to read wherein it before I get to that we're gonna have a demonstration for the next on wanted to give the demonstration for the next new word. Guys you're on right there what is this what is this a southeast photo bottles and. Plus. Move on him. What are the definition to this next word to watch many of our or all episodes of the TV series and rapid success hinged box. Out of Diego Padres have been added to the dictionary I think the coast to me that the eyes of our visit is is the coolest yeah. Both Connor it's kind of mean but yeah. Be up front and say hey I don't like you yeah so it just means it means. It may sound meaner but at least to give girls you're doing up front all we want a closer to.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss the new words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45336768","title":"New Dating App Matches You With a Partner Based on Things You Mutually Hate","url":"/GMA/video/dating-app-matches-partner-based-things-mutually-hate-45336768"}