Dave Zinczenko's Guide to a Perfect Day of Eating

The nutrition guru gives tips and recipes from his new book "Zero Belly Cookbook."
3:06 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Dave Zinczenko's Guide to a Perfect Day of Eating
Back now with our nutrition guru Dave zinczenko. Ale take us through a perfect day of eating. A lot of new recipes from the "Zero belly cookbook." Zero belly diet was such a success people losing 20 pounds in six weeks and four inches from their belly but they were complaining they said we need more -- we need more recipes. We'll go through the day starting with breakfast. These are all easy. They're all for everyone but first you just have to know your average chain restaurant breakfast is literally over 1100 calories so what we're doing here is we're making a zero belly eggs Benedict. This right here you've got your spinach your olive oil, it's like a popeye reunion, your poached egg and gluten-free muffin. You're making really smart swaps here. The homemade mayo is taking the place of heavy hollandaise so it ends up averaging, George, just 200 calories. All that for 200 calories, wow. You're saving over 900 calories at breakfast. Right at the start of the day then lunch. But first you should just see the average chain lunch is -- restaurant lunch is over a thousand calories. Again. Yeah. So what we're doing here, we have our homemade fajita, best thing to come out of Mexico since Salma Hayek. What we're doing is ditching the wrap. The flour tortilla wrap. That's all the calories. 350 calorie, oil soaked. A lot of unhealthy fats. Bib lettuce, salsa and guacamole, avocado. I'm surprised you can do the guacamole. Avocado has been shown to keep you fuller longer and tide you over till dinner. Making a lot of other smart swaps here. You're grilling your veggies rather than sauteing them and it ends up being just 257 calories. Wow, so you're under 600 calories through breakfast. And there are a ton of recipes in "Zero belly cookbook" for smoothie, for snacks, for desserts so these are just the main meals. Finally dinner. The average chain restaurant dinner, right here, again, over a thousand calorie, George, so what we're doing here is making a burger, you know, everybody loves burgers, and what's great here is it is grass fed, 90 percent lean as many omega-3 fatty as sits as fish. Gluten-free bun. A really nice black pepper marinade, some dijon mustard, ketchup, on Joan and it comes in at just 343 calories. You've done breakfast, lunch and dinner all under a thousand calories. Snack, a smoothie in the morning, one at night. Flourless chocolate cake is only 200 calories. You can make all this stuff in minutes and it's much less expensive than going to a ergy bris us togher. Ever newngland .evso . Ttút+o m$9"a@q#&4

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The nutrition guru gives tips and recipes from his new book \"Zero Belly Cookbook.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33796596","title":"Dave Zinczenko's Guide to a Perfect Day of Eating","url":"/GMA/video/dave-zinczenkos-guide-perfect-day-eating-33796596"}