1 dead, 7 injured after incident at Ohio State Fair

Eyewitness Julian Bellinger tells "GMA" he heard people screaming for the ride to slow down and then saw people falling after the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart mid-air.
5:24 | 07/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1 dead, 7 injured after incident at Ohio State Fair
Of course thinking of those killed and hurt at that fair. These are fairs that a lot of us have attended over the years. So many still gng on accost the country. This was the first day of the Ohio state fair when that popular fire ball ride broke apart. At least one was killed. Seven others injured. This morning all rides at the Ohio state fair are closed down. ABC's Alex Perez is on the scene with the latest. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Good morning, George. Authorities have been here through the night. Still a lot of unanswered questions. It was a beautiful day. Families out when suddenly everything turned into a living nightmare. Overnight, a horrifying crash at the Ohio state fair on a ride called the fire ball. Listen as the swinging ride begins to break apart. At least two riders thrown at high speeds through the air. One found 50 feet from the ride. This video posted to social media captured the terrifying incident. Seven people injured. Five in critical condition and an 18-year-old man killed. Bystanders and first responders rushing to aid the injured. Somebody is up there on the ride. Reporter: Police and investigators quickly shutting the fair down. We will begin an investigation on this to determine what the failure was, if any, and how this accident occurred. Reporter: The Ohio state fair was scheduled to run until August 6th. Last year it attracted nearly 1 million visitors. But now Ohio's governor John Kasich ordering all rides closed until the investigation is complete and additional safety inspections can be conducted. The fair is about the best things in life and with this accident, it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. Reporter: ABC's station WSYX was with inspectors before the fair opened. We will periodically do spot checks just to ensure all that stuff is in place. Reporter: Overnight in California, the Orange county fair shutting down a ride similar to the fire ball as a precaution. This morning investigators examining this terrifying video for answers about what caused this terrible tragedy. We're really, really shocked because I think they do take really good care and trying to prevent this kind of thing. Reporter: And inspections records show the ride passed all inspections yesterday. The fair will be open today but all rides will remain shut down until investigators can pinpoint what exactly went wrong here. Robin. All right, Alex, thank you. Joining us now in an ABC news exclusive is Julian Bellinger who was on the ground during the accident, caught that terrifying moment on camera. Julian, thank you very much for being with us. We're thinking about everybody who was imfacted by what happened. That terrible accident yesterday. Tell us what you saw, what happened. So on the ground it was me and my friends. We were just recording each other on Snapchat and we had deleted the video because we heard like commotion on the ride and there was people on the ride like slow it down, it's too fast and all this so people on the ground like beside me and in front of me in line because I was about to get on the ride, they all were like, whoa, whoa, slow down and all that. So the people that were working it pressed the emergency brake and then the video you see it go up and then when it came back down, a piece had fell. So then that's when I had followed it up and then when I just seen the people like fall out, I turned my head and I just -- I couldn't watch it. All right, and we are not even showing all of that video as well, Julian. It is just -- it's too much for people to see and for you to be there, you were in line waiting to get on that ride and you heard people yelling for the operator to slow it down? You heard that. Yeah, well, yeah, I heard some -- like I heard people in front of me in line and then after the fact I talked to them and they were like, yeah, people on the ride just couldn't take it anyre because I guess they had sped it up. What happened once you saw that accident. What did people do at that point? People were like running away, crying. You just don't expect to see stuff like that especially at the fair here. No, not at all. That's the last thing that you expect to watch or to see. So how are you doing this morning having witnessed something like that, Julian? I'm doing fine. After it I was a little shook up but then like I ended up like calming down, talking to my parents so I was fine for the most part. Just hope the families and all that are okay. Yes, and we're thinking of those families. You're a fine young man. Thank you very much, Julian. You take care and again our hearts and prayers to all those impacted by what happened. Yep. Take care, Julian. Thank you. Even in that moment he was thinking of the families that were impacted but I could only imagine -- I'm sure people watching, we go to these things all the time. Last thing you would expect to happen. So sad.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Eyewitness Julian Bellinger tells \"GMA\" he heard people screaming for the ride to slow down and then saw people falling after the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart mid-air.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48879951","title":"1 dead, 7 injured after incident at Ohio State Fair","url":"/GMA/video/dead-injured-incident-ohio-state-fair-48879951"}