Deadly Delay: The Push for Window Blind Safety

See the video the young victim thinks every parent should watch.
3:33 | 11/06/15

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Transcript for Deadly Delay: The Push for Window Blind Safety
alert for parents about the hazards of some common blinds you may have hanging in your home. Hundreds of children have been injured or killed after being strangled by the cords on the blinds. ABC's Brian Ross has that story. Stand up straight. Shoulders down. Reporter: The walla family of chippewa fall, Wisconsin, all nine of them. Say bye-bye. Bye. Reporter: They love to make videos of everything they do. Hi. Reporter: Lots of laughs and happy moments. There he is. Reporter: But for 17-year-old Gavin wall la and his parents there's one video that stands out. Gavin. Gavin. Reporter: Taking them back to a time when Gavin was a toddler and almost died in an all too common at home accident. Can you feed the baby some cereal. Reporter: Gavin's mother was making a video of two of her other children, her twins. She is about to swing the camera around to catch a horrifying image of Gavin that we're going to show only because it has a happy ending. Gavin. Gavin. Gavin. Reporter: Gavin hanging by the neck from the pull cords on the set of the window blinds silently strangling. I somehow got Gavin off the window blinds but I don't actually remember lifting him off. Reporter: Gavin was left with a welt across his neck but that was all. Regular. Reporter: Today he is a senior in high school. I'm glad that it's out there and that it saved the lives of other children that have been fortunate enough to have parents who saw that video. Reporter: Unfortunately since the day of Gavin's accident almost 14 years ago the consumer products safety commission estimates over 100 American children have died somehow caught in window blind cords. Brian, I see decades and I'm talking decades about children once a month getting hanged to death by these products and it's got to stop. These are many different types of samples. Reporter: Elliott Kay, the chairman of the consumer products safety commission says cordless versions solve the problem? Look at that it's beautiful. Reporter: But that the industry continues to make and sell the more dangerous sets with cords. I think it's disgusting. I really do. Reporter: Executives of the big three American companies that sell window blinds would not agree to appear on our report. Mr. De Santi, Brian Ross from ABC news. Fire would the head of the window blind trade group. I wanted to ask you impressions about the children to died in the window blind accidents. Can you talk about that at all, sir? No. Reporter: The industry says it has introh deuced a rank of safety features that reduce the number of deaths as seen in this video but it says the most important step is not to ban blinds with cords but to educate parents that blinds with cords should not be in hopes with children. Yet working with ABC affiliate as cross the country who went shopping for window blinds, we found that message is not getting through in many places. When you have the cord you could just tie it. Reporter: In some cases store employees were helpful. That's why cordless is a really good option when you have tots. Reporter: But in many others, employees did not seem to have been very well trained about the danger of corded window blinds. Is there a safety issue or anything like that? Mmm, no, I don't think so. Reporter: In the last few weeks IKEA and target have both taken all window blinds with cords off their shelves. They now only sell cordless blinds. Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe's say they will do the same thing by the end of 2018. Hopefully others will 2308 suit thank you. Coming up that dog lost at

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{"id":35017089,"title":"Deadly Delay: The Push for Window Blind Safety","duration":"3:33","description":"See the video the young victim thinks every parent should watch.","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-delay-push-window-blind-safety-35017089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}