Deadly Storms Tear Through the South

Tornadoes and flash flooding throughout Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana led to at least five death and caused travel delays.
2:16 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for Deadly Storms Tear Through the South
Now to the deadly storms tearing through the south. Also creating a travel nightmare for so many. Reported tornadoes and flash flooding killing at least five people. Adrienne Bankert is on the scene in hard-hit Alabama. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, too, robin. The winds strong enough to rip the siding off this church. Just up the road, a tree fell into a mobile home, killing several people inside. Four people are dead following a reported tornado in rehobeth, Alabama. A tree went right through the roof, splitting the trarl in two. The other three inside managed to escape. This just 1 of 12 reported tornados in three states overnight, including Georgia, where 70-mile-per-hour winds and rising floodwaters created havoc on the roads. Emergency workers racing to the scene after this massive tree fell on a home, hitting two cars and blocking streets. Winds in Mississippi overturned tractors and knocked through houses. In Florida, a 70-year-old man was killed by fast-moving flood wather. More than 11 inches of rain fell in crestview. One of many communities where rising rivers and overworked drainage systems made road ways impassab impassable. The national weather service has yet to come out and survey some of this damage to confirm whether or not it was, indeed, a tornado. Either way, the kleinup begins. Thank you. We go ginger with more on the storms and where they're moving this morning. Throughout the early morning hours, we were seeing tornado warnings popping up. The strong storms through Florida, into Georgia, north Carolina, South Carolina. Even Virginia this morning. That's where the action is later morning, early afternoon. Then with E can say good-bye. More severe storm reports at this point. 135 reported from Texas so south Carolina. I wanted to bring in the next big headline. The arctic air. A good shot of January here. It will feel like 5 in Kansas City thunderstorm morning. Chicago, 5 below. Then the air slides here. The feels-like by the time we get to Thursday, feels like January, George. Winter is back. Thank you. Now overseas to the manhunt

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Tornadoes and flash flooding throughout Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana led to at least five death and caused travel delays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44522410","title":"Deadly Storms Tear Through the South","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-storms-tear-south-44522410"}