Deals and Steal: Exclusive Discounts on Tasty Treats

Tory Johnson is bringing you coffees, teas, crumb-cake cookies, frozen desserts and other yummy snacks for up to 54 percent off!
3:36 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steal: Exclusive Discounts on Tasty Treats
have our "Gma" watch party hosted by deals super fan Jennifer in Hammond, Wisconsin. Good morning to everybody in Hammond, Wisconsin. They look like they're having fun. Watching every morning. Ready with all of these things. First up fireside coffee. Everybody loved their flavored coffees but it's really expensive. Fireside maybes it super simple and delicious. They have three different packs. You take this little single pack right in your bag and do it at home or at work. All you do is add water. Hot or cold depending on the kind of drink you want. Everything works with both, chai tea flavors. 12 packs normally $24 slashed by 54%, 11 bucks for 12. Wow. Can't beat that. A Dhar a pack. You got it. Good on the math. Better you than me. These are cookies. Cookies, I know you said they look like chicken nuggets. But, okay, so the best part of crumb cake is the top and Kenny's krumbss, that's what they've done. It tastes like crumbcake, the top part which is the best. Six bags of this, 18 cookies per bag. Normally it's 30 buck, today only slashed in half, $15. They're amazing. Stock up. You can dunk these. They might be dunking these into their coffee or drink. They should be. There they are. They ought to be. So you know there's tomato/tomato. There's now jicama or jicama. Jica chips. Six different varieties. This is barbecue. Try these. Six different varieties make of jicama or jicama depending what you want to say. T is crunchy. That's the thing. If you want the church, a lot of types -- Like a dried apple. A combination somewhere between an apple and a potato. You assume it's going to be potato chips. It's not. Healthier version. When you want that crunch this is a guilt-free church, variety of flavors you'll get a six-pack of all of the great flavor, normally the six-pack 1. I tried to bite it in half. This is one of my favorites, supersedes. Gourmet dry roasted sum kin seeds. So this little bag on the go, so those are I think maple. Those are spicy and those are sea salt. Depending what you like. What's great. You get one pack, one serving, super easy to put into a bag on the go and getting 12 of these, 12 bags, normally $23, these are slashed by 52%. $11 for 12 of them, again. And then last but not least we have our two tasters here. All right. This is the rage with every fitness blogger right now, six different pints, three creamy, three chunky. Chunky is my favorite. Chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie blast. Six of these that you are getting normally $46, slashed in half, $23 and free shipping.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Tory Johnson is bringing you coffees, teas, crumb-cake cookies, frozen desserts and other yummy snacks for up to 54 percent off!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40947010","title":"Deals and Steal: Exclusive Discounts on Tasty Treats","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steal-exclusive-discounts-tasty-treats-40947010"}