Deals and steals: A 1st look at Oprah's favorite things

Tory Johnson and Adam Glassman, the creative director of O, the Oprah magazine, bring discounts of up to 51 percent on six of Oprah's favorite products.
4:50 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: A 1st look at Oprah's favorite things
"Deals & steals." We're all excited about. Tory Johnson is here with a first peek at Oprah's favorite things and we've got "O" magazine's creative director Adam glassman with us to help with this important "Deals & steals." These are all amazing. As they always are. They are amazing. The first time you're seeing favorite things being revealed today on "Gma." How lucky are we? Yes. Everyone has a magazine and they all have the cover. This is the first time we are seeing it That's great. We've been working on it forever. Pointing here. From vionic sneaker, leather, Orth ic built right on it. Like walking on clouds. Great for commuting. Great for dressing up your weekend. Oprah wears these. She swears by them. A little small for me. Style and science, normally $130 slashed in half, $65 for them. Okay. Anyone here knows she loves her hot sauce, she checked Beyonce off her Christmas list. It looks like dynamite. And it tastes dynamite, seven different flavors from mild to uh-oh really great looking from thoughtfully. Cute packaging, really great. Adorable. Normally for the full set just like this fabulous packaging $35 slash bid 51%, $17. We're all losing our charger cord, we're all trying to untangle them. These are amazing from thoughtfslly. Keeps everything all in one place. Great for travel. Your earbuds, your tablet cases, this is from my tagalong, great stocking stuffer. Big assortment too. Great assortment. Great neoprene fabric and mesh. Normally 10 to $26, everything from my tag along slashed in half, so 5 to $13. Incredible to have. Okay. This is Oprah's secret weapon for her flawless skin. These brushes are incredible from Kaylin. Feel these. They feel like velvet. Totally incredible and give you that air brush finish when you blend your makeup, you look airbrushed. Truly. What is that, velvet? Yeah. Yeah. It feels good. My make enough artist in L.A. Said this is how you get flawless skin, so thank you for bringing this. I didn't know the brand. They feel so great in your hand. What's the deal. Normally 32 to $78 depending on what you choose, everything from Cailyn slashed in half, 16 to $39. That's good. Okay, these are the most amazing t-shirts in the world. Pima cotton, 100% super soft. We all have regular t-shirts. You need a dressy t-shirt once in a while. This is the first thing she picked. She wears them all the time. Dress them up, dress them down, gorgeously packaged add a bow you're ready to go. Add a bow, you're ready to go. Formally 95 to $105 but everything here slashed in half, $47.50 is the starting price and free shipping on the t-shirts. Great. Okay. Wouldn't be the holidays without something delicious to eat. Michael, you have to try these. The most glamorous chocolate turtles out there. Handmade with freshly roasted walnuts, pecans, pistachios. Oh, my goodness. You have dark chocolate and milk chocolate and three of each in the set. Absolutely incredible with salted caramel. Chocolate, great gift set. Big enough to share but you know what you're not going to want to share them and eat them yourself really. I just gave mine away because I knew what it would do to me. There's always one chocolate winner on the Oprah's favorite thing. This is it. We just love this company. So normally $60 for the set just like this. Three milk, three dark slashed in half, $30 for your set. Really nice. Hostess gift to bring to a party. The box is beautiful. Just like all this stuff. I was piking through the magazine. Thanks for bringing them for everybody in the audience, by the way. This is just a sampling. This is just a sampling. 102 items. Our largest list ever. Thank you for bringing these. So fantastic. The Oprah's favorite things issue is on newsstands November 17th. We got a gift for everyone here going home with a gift from mytagalongs.

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{"id":50876631,"title":"Deals and steals: A 1st look at Oprah's favorite things ","duration":"4:50","description":"Tory Johnson and Adam Glassman, the creative director of O, the Oprah magazine, bring discounts of up to 51 percent on six of Oprah's favorite products. ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-1st-oprahs-favorite-things-50876631","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}