Deals and Steals: Everything Under $20!

Tory Johnson has amazing bargains on everything from trendy jewelry to fitness gadgets for adults.
3:11 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Everything Under $20!
can't do better than that. Go to on Yahoo! To get the promo codes and lives to get these bargains. How are you? What do we got? First up. I love this. This company, rascal kid, helmets, really funky helmets. So scooters, we have a big selection of scooters for boys and girls. There you go. Starting at -- What? Starting for ages 5 and up, big assortment. Thee-wheelers. Normally these pieces start from $23 to $55 but for today only slashed by at least half. $11.50 to 20 bucks. I could have this much fun for $11.50. Can you believe it. For both $11.50 and 20 bucks but worth it, right. The platform is like my shoe. It's not big enough. What do we got next? Next, this is from -- this is a bowflex from nautilus, home fitness giant and this is an activity tracker. Wear it on your wrist, all different sizes, easy to adjust, has three little lights throughout the day that will keep you on track either a red light saying you got to step up your activity. A yellow says you're on track. Green says go, go, go, you're almost at your goal and will track your movement, calories burps, distance traveled. You can't beat this. If you're looking to get into this activity tracker phenomena. How much? Regularly $50. This is slashed big time by 60%, 20 bucks. Okay. Next up, I love these that your girls will love too. Little mini initial necklaces that come in 14 karat gold plating or gold rhodium depending what you want all made in America which I also love. Normally $34, slashed by 56%, $15. 15. 15 bucks. A beautiful necklace. You can wear two initials. I'm learning too much. You can layer it. I'm learning too much about fashion with you. What we got? I love these. These are bindi headbands. I know your girls are wearing headbads. I look at their pictures on Facebook. Headbands are gorgeous. Pretty simple ones, neutral colors, fancy, all kinds of beads and gems to choose from. All hand made. You know what. Daddy can pull it off. When you're a father your girls make you do crazy things in starting at $28, all slashed by at least half. 14 bucks plus free shipping from bind. Last but not least. I love these. All charm necklaces, cuff bracelets. Hugely inspirational line and say beautiful things to keep you motivated and moving and feeling fabulous about yourself. Oh, yeah. Sterling silver plated. Starting at $62 slashed by at least 81% so dropped down to 12 to 19 bucks. Can't beat that. Get all the codes on Thank you so much to all the companies and when you go to start shopping. I don't know how you do it

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Tory Johnson has amazing bargains on everything from trendy jewelry to fitness gadgets for adults.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24692075","title":"Deals and Steals: Everything Under $20!","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-20-24692075"}