Deals and steals: Bargains for $20 and under

Tory Johnson appears live on "GMA" to share deals on everything from stain remover to bracelets that are all less than $20.
3:56 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: Bargains for $20 and under
Everything here is 20 bucks or less and this first one is of great importance to me. Anyone who is a spiller this is a solution. We partnered with this company. Emergency stain rescue, whether it is -- we'll test the wine one. I smell that is wine. It is. She's verified it. A little wine spills and then if you're out, you'll use the wipe. You got a wipe. Start rubbing the wipe. Wow. And you see it begins to disappear. That's great. If you have messy eaters, just any kind of -- these are all about common household stains. Wine, chocolate, coach chup, mustard, grass. Any of those kind of stains, you're going to get two bottle, ten towelettes depending on the option you choose normally $28 slashed in half, $14 for this set, plus free shipping. Free shipping. We love free shipping. Love that. And speaking of love, I love this table. What are we looking at? This is lollollia. Sophisticated floral, luxurious ingredients. And beautiful packaging? Beautiful sophisticated packaging and a little bit of everything. I pull this candle out. Take a smell of that. Okay. Mm-mm. Honeysuckle. Lemon, a little bit of honey, Orange, Jasmine, lilac. Kind a little of everything. This scent online described is spectacular. Treat yourself Thursday as this is. Normally $10 to $55 all slashed by at least 50%. $5 to 20 bucks. That is incredible. Okay. So I love this. I bought these little ones for you to try on. 31 bit. This is jewelry with a purpose. These -- this company 31 bits provides jobs and economic opportunity and education to artisans around the world who ordinarily would not have access to that opportunity. That's fantastic. You get to feel great while looking gorgeous. Lightweight fabulous piece, 18 to $68 all slashed big time by 50 to 71%. $9 to $21 and -- And free shipping on this, as well. So, that's great. Aquis. Fabulous towels. Lightweight. Quick dial, no bulk. Towels, turbines for your hair, headbands. Great court. For the gym. 9 to $25 all slashed in half, $4.50 to $12.50. All right. We were all talking about this. This little booty -- put this booty on for an hour. Take it off. Wash your feet, nothing will happen. Three days later your foot starts to peel all that dead skin disappears. The internet has a crazy sensation for this. People call it a little weirdly satisfying because wind up with baby feet at the end of this, $25 slashed in half, $12.50. The best deal on baby foot. And free shipping. Can't beat that free shipping. Okay. I have to try this now. I'm totally fascinated by it. Peepers, I love these from peepers. They are one of Oprah's favorite thing, scratch resistant lenses. We have models here. Do you have a shot of these models. What's fabulous you can match these to your outfit, your mood or your skin tone. Look how fabulous that's one of the big things right now, $22 slashed in half, 11 bucks from peepers. I love that. So nice and lightweight too. I love them.

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{"id":46900119,"title":"Deals and steals: Bargains for $20 and under","duration":"3:56","description":"Tory Johnson appears live on \"GMA\" to share deals on everything from stain remover to bracelets that are all less than $20. ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-bargains-20-46900119","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}