Deals and Steals for those Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Tory Johnson has some incredible bargains for the holiday procrastinator.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for Deals and Steals for those Last-Minute Christmas Gifts
Everybody, as you probably know, six days until christmas. If you haven't finished your shopping yet, tory johnson to the rescue. We have five, great gift ideas that will get to you in time for the holiday. These deals, however, go fast. You need to go on to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For the promo codes, the links you'll need to get the bargains. Did I hear 77%? Up to, yep. Let's get started. First up -- so, from calendars.Com. This is a teeny, little assortment right here. There's 6,000 items you can choose from when you go to our website and link over to there. And it's perfect. Everybody needs 2014 calendars. And everybody would love to save superbig. I promise not just this little selection. 6,000 to choose from. Regularly, from $2 to $73. Slashed in half, today only. A calendar fits everybody. A great gift. A great stocking stuffer. One size fits all. Here we go. Another one for a lot of people. Julep. Julep is a favorite nail polish brand. For us, they have eight sets, including one of my favorites. It's called the year in review. That's 12 different minis. A big assortment. The colors are beautiful. And the price is going to wow you. Regularly, starting at $28. These are slashed by at least 64%. 10 bucks to $25. And from julep, free shipping. Big bonus from julep. Free shipping. My snow is shedding. Are you ready? Yes. Pmd microdetermine. It's a little device you see here. You'll see it bigger on your screen. This is a face microderm machine. You'll get the device, plus 18 replacement discs. Each disc lasts for three to four treatments. Perfect more minimizing fine lines. Huge deal on this. Regularly, $224. This one is slashed by 70%. 72 bucks and free shipping today only. All of the items will get to us? It will get to you. That's why every deal is today only. Amy, we brought in backup for this one. Yeah. I'm ready. Here's the deal. Favorite company. These, there's a bunch of different fragrances you can choose from. This is lime/basil. There's a variety of fragrances. They're all carved handles. It's fragrant, it looks gorgeous. You may also qualify to receive a free little silver holder. I love that. So beautiful. I love this company. These packaged in themes. Starting at $48, depending on the package that you choose. Slashed in half, $23. And these are great. Several in a package, right? All packaged. At least in sets of twos and fours and more. The orange, it's my favorite. The last one. Come on in. This is really good stuff. We're bringing in a tray over here. Oh, yes. From our friends at omaha steaks. Two different dessert packages. Chocolate lovers' celebration. Exactly. So, if you're into chocolate, you will get 12 desserts, three different kinds, including the chocolate fudge cake. Regularly at $65, depending on which package you choose. Slashed by at least 60%. 26. And we've got coupons you find only on goodmorningamerica.Com, as well. All these links and plus those online. And you get to eat yummy stuff. Go online.

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{"id":21274845,"title":"Deals and Steals for those Last-Minute Christmas Gifts","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson has some incredible bargains for the holiday procrastinator.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-minute-christmas-gifts-21274845","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}