Deals and Steals: Oprah's 'Favorite Things'

Tory Johnson shares deals on items loved by Oprah -- including nail polish, jewelry, travel cases, pound cakes and more. The deals start at $14 and are up to 50 percent off!
4:03 | 11/03/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Oprah's 'Favorite Things'
It is time now for a special edition of "Deals & steals." A year in the making. And check this out. The new cover of "O" magazine, Oprah with all her favorite things all wrapped up in one magazine and Tory Johnson, the creator director of "O" magazine is here with some of her favorite things. We've partnered with all of these companies to be able to bring you these and Adam will bring you all of Oprah's secrets. Yes, this is a nail Polish lover's dream. 18 different nail polishes in butter lin-manuel. Oprah gives it to all her girls. that is. Give it to my guys right here. Every thing. Yeah. Savings on this. Normally this set, $150. $150. Slashing that in half, $75 and knee -- free shipping. Gorgeous. Okay. From Addison weeks, these are beautiful earrings. Oprah loves to wear earrings. She could not believe these are not fine jewelry. This is actually costume jewelry. Big, beautiful stones. Looks really luxurious. Makes every outfit look gloolamb rouse. More than. We're slashing that in half so 36 to $60. Fabulous. That's great. Keep on going. I have -- every year Oprah likes to do a jewelry case. This one is leather. From wolf. Really beautiful. Most cases this size do not have this many compartments and a mirror. You are good at this, Michael. It keeps all your jewelry safe and sound all you have to do is throw this your carry on bag and ready to go. I like that. Big assortment not just that size normally start at $59, genuine leather. All slashed in half, 29 pi$29.50. From wolf, free shipping too. Really good. Okay. Let me let you in on a secret. Bathing is Oprah's hobby. Yes, bathing. We are always on the hunt for the most luxurious moisturizing bath from cottage greenhouse a Presentation is key. Look at the packaging. I'm big on bathing too. Really great scents. Brings the spa home. Fabulous price. Normally it ranges from 24 to $34 and today slashing it all in half so all of these pieces, 12 to $17. This package is phenomenal. Isn't it beautiful? Okay. Oprah never leaves home without this. This is in all her bags. What is it? This is called truffles from Sabatino. Instantly adds truffle flavor to everything. She puts it on popcorn, soup. She puts it on her eggs. This makes the ordinary taste extraordinary. Adam has gone into her bag to check. It really is in there. Everything. Beyonce may have hot cause but she has truffle zest. You have the two-piece set normally $32, slashed in half, 16 bucks. 16 bucks. Okay, hands down this is the most delicious pound cake we have ever tried. This is from Janie's in Tyler, Texas. Four decadent flavor, plain vanilla then over the top ones filled with buttercream, filled with chocolate sauce, really yummy. Normally 28 to $36, everything from Janie's for our assortment slashed in half, 14 to $18. All the deals at and you guys here are going home with Polish from butter London and zest from Sabatino. Wow. You know what, we know Oprah loves the bread. I love cake! So we're going to have cake right now and say thanks to all these companies for these great deals. Find them on our website and

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Tory Johnson shares deals on items loved by Oprah -- including nail polish, jewelry, travel cases, pound cakes and more. The deals start at $14 and are up to 50 percent off!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43263041","title":"Deals and Steals: Oprah's 'Favorite Things' ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-oprahs-favorite-things-43263041"}