Deals and Steals: Sizzling Bags and Bling

Tory Johnson has exclusive deals on bags and bracelets for summer at up to 80 percent off.
3:44 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Sizzling Bags and Bling
"Deals & steals." Tory Johnson has brought us bags and bling always so popular so get right to our website, on Yahoo! For all the promo codes and links you need to get the bargains. Let me tell you, this audience that we have out here, wow! They deserve these "Deals & steals." Let's do it. Okay, so first up the bag that everybody here was oohing over. They had trouble deciding between pink and red. It got a little rough around here. Especially if they heard what these prices are. So normally these bags which are beautiful new colors for summer -- I like having a little gold tone at the bottom regularly $395 slashed by 80%, 78 bucks. Beautiful leather bags. And next. One of our favorite designers, these are really beautiful pieces. It's the lucky star bracelet because everyone deserves to be a lucky start, 18 karat plated gold star comes in six different colors and buckle closure, easily adjustable. Normally $62 slashed by 68%, 28 bucks. And then alone or stacked -- Significant savings. Yeah. Bring them direct from the manufacturer to you at home. So no middleman there. Okay, a "Gma" favorite. We had this reverse engraved. I've got a "T." Big assortment. Choose a single monogram or a name. I did one, Mrs. Ben Aaron, we got that ready for ginger when she comes back, silver or gold, 1 or 1 1/2 inch normally starting at $105 slashed by 66% so starting at $36. $36 to $38. There we go again. Okay, Danielle Stevens, these earrings are among my favorites. I've been wearing them today. I've got some on. They show up so nice, very lightweight to wear. Silver plated posts, a little glass set stone so, again, it's light. Five different colors to choose from, not just these four here, normally $50 slashed by 62%, 19 bucks. 19. Light too. Very light. But bright, a big statement, right. And last but not least. Are you ready? Are you ready? I love, love these. This company does all of these embellished totes so there's the skull right here is an anchor, a heart, a fleur de lis. Oh, here's another we can show you. What I love about these, the heart, the heart because we love lee Goldberg -- A parting gift. So what I love about this company, you can choose the color embellishment you want on whatever bag you want so you can mix and match your own and I think you're going to love the price on these huge van cast bags, normally 58%, slashed by 68%, $20 and when you go to today there is a digital deal. We do all these fancy thing, digital bonus deal you can only get at She goes to your place too. I get double Tory today. Yes. We want to thank all these companies for providing these great deals. Head to on Yahoo! To get the codes and links for these bargains, so, wow, this is a great day here,

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{"id":24208828,"title":"Deals and Steals: Sizzling Bags and Bling","duration":"3:44","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive deals on bags and bracelets for summer at up to 80 percent off.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-sizzling-bags-bling-24208828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}