2 new deaths reported amid flu epidemic

A 37-year-old Indiana woman and a 12-year-old boy are the latest victims in this year's flu season and the virus forced an entire school district to close.
3:16 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for 2 new deaths reported amid flu epidemic
We turn to those alarming new cases of the deadly flu. Two seemingly healthy people dying soon after seeing symptoms and Victor Oquendo is in Miami, and, Victor, M and Florida is being hit really hard right now. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Florida being hit so hard an entire school district shut down for the day. Some pharmacies running out of crucial medicine and those two people, a 12-year-old boy and a mother in her 30s, both dying within days of getting the flu. 37-year-old Carly Slaven is the latest to die. Her husband and two children had the flu last week. Once their health improved she started feeling ill and her father says she went to the doctor twice and was diagnosed with influenza. My wife called and said, get the kids dressed. Get over here right away. They put her in icu. She's in critical condition. Reporter: Three days after being diagnosed she died. She did not get a flu shot this year according to her father. Eventually there was -- there was nothing else that could be done. We all were there standing around her and she left about 6:30 in the mother. Reporter: In south Florida Dylan Winick, his family says it escalated quickly. Monday he had a fever. On Tuesday he died. We lost a wonderful 12-year-old boy. Shocking. You get a call that he's passed. How the hell does that happen? Reporter: More than 30 children have died from the flu this season with schools experiencing a significant impact from flu-like cases and all gulf district schools will be closed today and now supplies of Tamiflu are running low. We're told it was on back order. Between the Tampa market up into the Orlando market, lake county, Orange county, it was just very challenging. Reporter: Pharmacy giant Walgreens telling ABC news the sudden surge in demand means some versions or dosages may be unavailable. And this Walgreens in the Miami air is out of Tamiflu but do have flu shots available and they say they expect more inventory in the coming days and best advice is just call your pharmacy ahead of time. Thank you so much. Victor. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is joining us now and, doc, every day we're seeing tragic stories about the flu and how it's escalated so fast and the Tamiflu shortage which is really, really frightening for those who have the onset of the flu. How effective is the Tamiflu? When you talk about these treatments, they are modestly effective overall in treating the flu so reduce the symptoms by about approximately a day in adults, a little 3wi9 less than that and by a day in children, however, it is actually much more effective when used to help prevent a close contact like a household contact who has known or suspected influenza when the household goes on Tamiflu it can reduce the risk of them getting it by about 80% so that is the real utility for this medication. Everyone always says, well, then why doesn't everyone just take Tamiflu. It's just not feasible. You can't have the country on a medication for the entire flew season. What happens if you can't immediately get it. 48 hours was the maximum now some data suggests it can help after that time. Your daughter is feeling a little under the weather. How do you have her set up. She's on Tamiflu and in isolation. I'm on Tamiflu and we're hoping for the best. All right. We're hoping for the best for you too. Thank you so much. Thank you, guys.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"A 37-year-old Indiana woman and a 12-year-old boy are the latest victims in this year's flu season and the virus forced an entire school district to close.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52627042","title":"2 new deaths reported amid flu epidemic ","url":"/GMA/video/deaths-reported-amid-flu-epidemic-52627042"}