Deborah Roberts, Al Roker Talk Marriage in 'Been There, Done That'

The high-profile television couple offers their advice on how to keep love alive in a marriage.
4:55 | 01/04/16

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Transcript for Deborah Roberts, Al Roker Talk Marriage in 'Been There, Done That'
For so many couples, the new year is chance to take stock of your relationship. One of the most high-profile couples on TV is out with a book. It's called "Been there, done that." By our own Deborah Roberts and her husband, Al roker. They give great advice. We had a great time. Take a look. She's an intrepid member of the ABC news family. How important is breaking that cultural barrier? Reporter: And hardly day goes by where Deborah Roberts isn't asked -- are you really married to Al? You can make the light. See. I can't make the light. You're not going to make the light. Reporter: Yes, deb, and NBC weatherman Al roker may seem an unlikely pair. I want to talk. I want to keep talking. I want to get it all out there. Oh, stop, stop, stop, stop. Reporter: Don't let them fool you. We don't like the same foods, music. The same theater events. But we love each other very much and we have a deep and abiding respect and feeling for family. Yes. I think that's what grounds us. Yes, yes. Reporter: They credit that love with their ability to get through the storms. The couple shares boast the funny and difficult lessons they've learned on their journey through their 20-year marriage. Was it your idea? Were you approached to write the book? How did it come to be? Every time Al and I would get together with friends, we would talk opinions. We're very different. I would have a different opinion from Al. He was usually wrong. I was usually right. We would have a great time talking about it. Reporter: They teach their teenage children, Nicky and Laila, that to be happy in life, it's critical to speak the truth. One of the things I have learned from Al, as a mom and as a career person, as a spouse, I need to cut myself some slack. As women, we're so hard on ourselves. We want to do it perfectly. The best quote about being a dad, I actually heard years ago from roseant Barr. She said, at tepid of the day, if the kids are asleep and there's though internal bleeding, I've done my job. Reporter: In the world of he said, she said, should you wear matching outfits to events. No, absolutely not. Let's define matching outfits. Not matching hawaiian shirts. If we're at a for mall event, Debra may have a gown with a predominant color. I may pick out a tie that accents that color. It's fine. It's annoying. It's fip. Reporter: Driving. We live in New York City. I just zip ahead. Yeah, well. I believe in allowing space. And I believe you know what? I'm going to get there. I'm not in that great a hurry. Reporter: So Mario andretti, little old lady. Mr. Magoo. The kids love it when I drive. Let's face it. Who doesn't like being in the indy 500 going down fifth avenue? Reporter: It's not about who wins the argument. It's about finding the person you can go the distance with. We couldn't be more different in terms of where we came from and really love for each other that that's -- at the end of the day, that speaks everything. Beautiful. Honestly, forget the book. They need a comedy show. Debra Deborah Roberts is with us now. You are the odd couple. You mousse have been exhausted by the time you left our house. Most people are. You're just so beautifully open and honest with etch'ach other. So many couples relate. They're very different or they approach life differently. At the end of the day, you come together, you find the common ground. We talk about the difficulties, the challenges. If you can laugh about it. I can't relate to how nice you are about the differents in driving. We were nice for Lara. We're not usually that nice in the car. Amber and I have been blessed to be around that dinner table. You're Vo so right. The way you go back and forth. It's so inviting. And warm in your home. And Al can cook. He will. That's why I won't let him go. We didn't have time to get into the cooking thing. He doesn't want you anywhere near the kitchen. Absolutely. We talk about you and advice I have got frn you. Ups, downs, challenges. We all have them. If anybody can be inspired and find maybe a twipgle of advice. Not much. Trust me. We don't have it down pat. We're still trying. 24rst something you want to share. That's what you do. That's right. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. It's great read. "Been there, done that" on sale tomorrow.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The high-profile television couple offers their advice on how to keep love alive in a marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36078503","title":"Deborah Roberts, Al Roker Talk Marriage in 'Been There, Done That'","url":"/GMA/video/deborah-roberts-al-roker-talk-marriage-36078503"}