How to declutter children's rooms

Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto discusses the KonMari Method of organizing and decluttering children's spaces.
3:54 | 09/21/17

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Transcript for How to declutter children's rooms
We are back with what could be the key to getting your kids declutter. Marie Kondo has taught her unique method and Paula Faris tried it out with her daughter-in-law Caroline. Life can get messy, especially when you have kids but now Marie Kondo, a mom of two and the woman behind "The life-changing magic of tidying up" is on a mission to help kids get organized so is it possible? Would you consider getting rid of any of that stuff? No. I called Lori bergamotto style director at "Good housekeeping." I love the condo method but hard to implement in my daughter's room? This is the time you can work on it together. It's not just your responsibility anymore. You need to explain to her how to do it. The konmari method, tidy all at once and in the right order. Structure is clothing, books, document, miscellaneous and sentimental items. Kidding should only keep items that spark joy and say good-bye to those that don't. So you will look at the book you're ready to give away and say thank you for the joy you brought me. It is time for you to go. Give joy to someone else. Thank you for bringing me joy. It's time for you to go bring someone else joy. Do they still spark joy. Not really. Reporter: If you decide it's no longer needed donate it. For the items we keep, condo says show them off. We create a hall of fame for the books Caroline values most. Next up, making useful desk items more accessible. We do a DIY project with old soup cans and duct tape to hold pens and pencils. When kids see what they have available to use, they'll actually use it and keep it organized. For the pick tires she cares most about. This was my first day of camp. And then this is a picture of my mom and dad because they mean so much to me. We frame them and display them prominently. Good job, ladies. I love it. Paula and her daughter Caroline are here as well as "Good house keeping" style editor Lori bergamotto. Thank you all for being with us. So, Paula, was it harder for Caroline to throw things out or for you to watch her. If it were me I would get rid of almost everything except for sentimental things or crafts. How about you. It wasn't as tough as I thought it would be but tough to let some things go. Don't you feel free now that they're gone. Yeah, I have so much more room in my -- That's the upside to all this. Room for more stuff. No, can't do that. So, Lori, the whole concept is keeping items which spark joy. Exactly. So how early can we start our kids? You can start as early as 3 years old which might surprise some people. The key principle is embolden the child with the ability to choose what sparks joy for them so start them at 3 -- The joy of things. You have to be a little older like our 8 to 10-year-olds here. Are you ready to fold. The konmari method. Let's see who can do as many shirts as possible. While they're doing their race, I'll show you. Fold it then you want to do it in thirds so fold up. Fold again. You roll and want to make it like a little packet and put it in the drawer like that and the thing it does it helps save space and studies have shown if you're able to purge and organize, you're able to let go of things in your life. Like a metaphor for life. I completely agree with purging. It's fun. They're smiling as they are folding. I'll get my kids started today.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Good Housekeeping's Lori Bergamotto discusses the KonMari Method of organizing and decluttering children's spaces. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49991661","title":"How to declutter children's rooms","url":"/GMA/video/declutter-childrens-rooms-49991661"}