Decoding Taylor Swift's new music video

The pop star's latest video has smashed a YouTube record and is loaded with subtle pop culture references that you may have missed.
3:19 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Decoding Taylor Swift's new music video
Lara. We turn now to Taylor Swift's new song, shattering records and there's a lot going on. There it is in this video. ABC's Chris connellily thankfully in Los Angeles with some of the hidden messages uncovered. Good morning to you, Chris. Good morning, Lara. Music video director Joseph Kahn says Taylor Swift is the hotter, smarter me confirming they collaborated on this meta video which offers a serious of knowing savvy shoutouts to swift's colorful past in the public eye. With more than 30 million views since its debut on Sunday's V VMAs, the lavish video "Look what you made me do" has broken records and sent fans scrambling to decode its images. Taylor Swift has not been shy in the past about referencing her personal life in her music videos. And this time she's taken it to the next level. She's packed this song with so many references and her fans are all over it. ??? Role you made me play ??? ??? the fool now I don't like you ??? Reporter: The song itself finds swift swapping her sly ingratiating manner for an angry defiant tone that will sound familiar to anyone on Twitter. ??? I'd do it all the time ??? Reporter: Its video takes a clever approach packed with nods references and witty allusions to earlier T swift controversies and her status as pop's melodram momma to that tombstone. No that tombstone. Nooels show berg is the pseudonym she wrote "What you came for" a hit for Calvin Harris. Celebrity couples come together T quietly and part noisily. Looking for someone new to try and bury. Boom. And check out the $1 bill in the tub. The same buck she was awarded in her suit against the groping deejay. The shirts that shay I love ts. Just like the one Tom middle stone was packed in and the snake with a Kim K. Backstory that's longer than a "Game of thrones" credit role. ??? I'll be the actress star in a new bad dreams ??? Reporter: All of it wrapping up with a roll call of Taylor's past, not cgi but painstakingly precise recreations of personas from her old video, award shows and public statements. Lined up and sending up hilariously the superstar herself in a round of swiftian satire. Stop acting like you are nice. You are so fake. Reporter: Like the wink at the end of "We are never ever getting back together." Idea is her self-aware sense of humor will carry the day. I would very much like to be excluded from that narrative. You know the nightmare we all have when you've got a test at school and you haven't studied for it I think Taylor Swift may have come up with a new collective nightmare being shamed by your former selves. I'm imagining me from high school saying, wait, you wear a suit to work every day? Lara. So good. Chris, great. Investigative reporting there. He had so much fun with that

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The pop star's latest video has smashed a YouTube record and is loaded with subtle pop culture references that you may have missed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49479937","title":"Decoding Taylor Swift's new music video ","url":"/GMA/video/decoding-taylor-swifts-music-video-49479937"}