Delicious recipe to celebrate national guacamole day

Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:33 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for Delicious recipe to celebrate national guacamole day
a solemn day, a solemn national holiday. Adrienne will tell us about it. It's national guacamole day. Maybe the happiest day of the year here right now with mixing things up with the executive chef, chef Ed mcdevvitt from Rosa Mexicana. They'll mash some avocado. The secret to guacamole is a paste. The paste? The paste. I had no idea -- here we have four tablespoons jalapenos, two tablespoons of cilantro and one tablespoon of onions so take this and mush it and grind it. And you want to grind this down here. I almost had you doing all the work for me. Really my jedi mind trick. 38% of Americans say it's always appropriate to pay extra for the guacamole. It is. You're making a mess. Only 38%. After we smoosh all this up do we get to add the avocados in. Grind it down until you have basically you dent see the onions anymore. Wow, making a paste. We are griping this done. You don't want to see the onions anymore. We don't want chunks. Don't be afraid to get in there in how does mine look. While making that I got to keep talking about "Pop news." You can own a piece of Hollywood history, the memorabilia auction putting iconic items on September 26th. Harrison Ford's bull whip in the movie "Indiana Jones." The last crusade expected to sell for up to $60,000. Other items Christopher reeves' suit from Superman, the quest for peace valued at $12,000 and the flying suit worn by Tom Cruise in "Top gun" estimated to go for $36,000. Plus, Roger Moore's Navy cap from "The spy who loved me." We learn to multi-tank one of seven children. Amazingly the most common birthday is September 16th. Did you know that? September 16th so many more people born on this day than any other day. Because why is that? Because their parents are getting the groove on in December around the holidays. The holidays. Yep, love is in the air so have a baby in December but to relieve the stress of planning the perfect party Netflix released 15 birthdays on demand. This includes your kids' favorite shows to make the celebration a piece of cake including pokemon, my little pony, Lego and friend, barbly, life in the dream house and allows them to press play and let the TV -- or the iPad. Any September babies. I'm a may baby. I have one kid in September. Well then -- Early September. You know what, I'm still grinding the paste. But -- We got Dan's looking very lovely. Oh, my gosh. Super spicy. Really good. Got to put tomatoes, onions. I didn't even do the tomato part yet. The cilantro. Wow. Whoo. Make your delicious guacamole or you can come to New York City and hang out with us. Thank you, Ed. Happy guacamole day. Thanks for watching "Gma." See you back here tomorrow. Thank you, chef.

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{"id":49892723,"title":"Delicious recipe to celebrate national guacamole day","duration":"3:33","description":"Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/delicious-recipe-celebrate-national-guacamole-day-49892723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}