Dengue, Malaria and Deadly Disease Outbreaks Worldwide

Mosquito-borne dengue virus now found in half the countries of the world
3:00 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Dengue, Malaria and Deadly Disease Outbreaks Worldwide
Hello again everyone I'm Christiane Amanpour back with the global perspective where America meets the well. And this week we're focusing on this good to disease epidemics that can sicken and in extreme cases killed millions of people around the world. We're going to -- at an outbreak of dengue fever. There is no vaccine -- -- and in the places where -- striking right now public health is simply not able to contain it. Indeed it is also being picked up in the United States since September full cases have been discovered in Florida. Did you -- is now founded fully half the countries of the well. This year the largest outbreak has been an India which is officially reported more than 30000. Cases. But massive under reporting likely means the real told his millions of inspections. On the archipelago of Medina in Portugal at least 200 cases I think -- be reported. And in Puerto Rico which is frequent outbreaks dengue fever has caused the 85000. People to get sick this year. Throughout history epidemics of played human beings from the black death in Europe and parts of Asia. To the worldwide Spanish crew at the end of world war want. Aids is one of the relatively new is pandemic came in 25 million lives since 1981. But much older diseases continues to kill millions of people in many parts of the world for instance -- -- fever tuberculosis. Course mile area. Joining me now to talk about the threat of dengue fever and other -- is -- and he followed cheat. He's the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and he's joining me from Bethesda Maryland. -- -- -- you know I've come across dengue fever in the field. It's often -- my experience but knowledge you worried that is growing to epidemic levels what's happening. Well it's a disease that's extraordinarily. Up prevalent the incidents is very high that's the bad news. The good news is that it is not a disease that has a high mortality it's very very low but when you do get sick. It can really be devastating particularly when you're in the developing world we don't have the kind of medical care that you might have in -- northern no western country. Is there a vaccine against -- And is it about to become a pandemic how do you actually define. What's happening now. We don't have a vaccine that we can implement right now but there are several. That are on various stages of clinical trials. When you talk about pandemic. Pandemic means it's all over. So what is extremely unlikely that you're gonna have a -- pandemic throughout the world the way we haven't aids pandemic throughout the world but what we are -- and will see. Are these -- which we call epidemic outbreaks that's occurring right now as we speak. So tell me how concerned are you by the outbreak in Florida I mean that's -- extraordinary that -- cases of dengue fever in Florida. You always take these things seriously Kristy and but but I'm not really overly concerned. When you have a place like Florida one of the warmest parts in the United States. You have the mosquito problem but I don't really for C a massive epidemic surged because of our ability. To control mosquitoes when we see these types of things happen. We -- disappointed I know I was when I was listening to the news of what appears to be the same idea of -- of an area of vaccine. I was somewhat disappointed the good news is that it was some protection Kristy and but it wasn't high enough. Particularly in the very young children six to seventeen weeks who -- the most vulnerable to malaria. Conceptually it looks like we're going in the right direction what we're -- way from having a vaccine that essentially can completely controllable area. The difference between how men area. The kills people -- dating you how bad is malaria -- worldwide although Dane he is serious and widespread. Malaria is one of the great killers of the world if you look at the Big Three of -- you're talking about. HIV tuberculosis. Malaria. -- rear of diseases particularly among children and respiratory diseases so malaria is a catastrophic disease. And that's part of your world this week I'm Christiana I'm -- -- And until next time you could always bothered me at At And of course on treatment FaceBook.

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{"id":17773808,"title":"Dengue, Malaria and Deadly Disease Outbreaks Worldwide","duration":"3:00","description":"Mosquito-borne dengue virus now found in half the countries of the world","url":"/GMA/video/dengue-malaria-deadly-disease-outbreaks-worldwide-17773808","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}