Rodman Wants to 'Spread Message of Peace' to the World

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:11 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Rodman Wants to 'Spread Message of Peace' to the World
Good morning to you and we begin with dennis rodman's world tour. It continues from north korea now to rome where the former chicago bulls star has traveled hoping for an audience with pope francis i. There he is driving through the streets of rome in a modified mercedes utility vehicle that is rather convincing -- looks like a popemobile. Wait, wait, wait. A replica. Is that real? Dennis rodman in -- no way. -- Driving through rome. True. He told tmz that his people -- he told tmz his people were in touch with the pope's people about arranging a meeting and that he wants to be anywhere in the world where he's needed and he said "i want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world and hopefully he will share this part of his journey with george again on "this week." I'm in touch with the pope's people are arranging a meeting too. Let's see who gets that first, george, whether it's you or dennis rodman. Who knows. I mean, you cannot make this up. Wow. Also in pop news remember the tv show "veronica mars." Die-hard fans do and all but ensured it's made into a movie. Kristin bell who played the title roll and rob thomas launched a kick starter campaign to raise the $2 million that warner brothers said they would need to raise in 30 days for it to be a go. They did it and then some. In less than 11 hours. They made it the most successful crowd funded movie ever. The studio has now green-lit the project. Production begins this summer. 2 million. They actually raised -- it's still going. People still contributing. They've been trying to make this movie for years and years. It just was stalled and warner brothers said go ahead and try this, a kick starter campaign. If your fans are getting behind you we'll consider it. That's incredible. Amazing. There are now -- just in, 5 million and counting people continuing. All right. So congrats. John, did you just contribute over there? I did. I knew you were a big fan. Who knew. I am now. George says I'm a fan, I'm a fan. That's right. You're going to be just fine. Hey, everybody, dog lovers out there, myself included, you remember the affenpinscher named banana joe took home best in show. He'll have a little more competition in the way of three new breeds being allowed. In the working dog class, the chinook, they are so adorable. They're said to be great with kids and are the official state dog of new hampshire. I'll have you know. You won't believe the name of this next dog, it is a tongue twister, welcome portuguese podindo potanko. Small, cute, need lots of exercise and rat terriers are cute. Happy-go-lucky and welcome addition to the terrier class. Why do they name it rat terrier? Don't judge a book by its cover. Descriptive. That's what they do. Launch a complain to change the name.

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{"id":18727854,"title":"Rodman Wants to 'Spread Message of Peace' to the World","duration":"3:11","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/dennis-rodman-pope-vatican-meeting-hopes-star-spread-18727854","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}