Derek Hough on Being Bullied, New Memoir

The "DWTS" fan favorite shares his struggles in the memoir, "Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion."
5:08 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Derek Hough on Being Bullied, New Memoir
written a new memoir "Taking the lead," lessons from a life in motion. We'll hear more about that after this look at some highlights from Derek's life. ? he's been the breakout pro champ for 14 seasons with "Dancing with the stars." Five-time mirrorball winner, Derek hough changing the way we look at dance after an un unforgettable season with paralympian Amy Purdy. You've redefined choreography after this season. Reporter: A third generation dancer housing grew up in the ballroom and spent most of his teen years in London studying the arts. ? Reporter: Keeping it all in the family housing just wrapped a 40-city tour with his sister and fellow dancer jewulianne. ? Fantastic ? Reporter: Now he's dancing across the pages in his new book, "Taking the lead: Lessons from a life in motion." Welcome back to Derek hough. I get tired just looking at that video. Yeah, that was fun to watch that. That was fun to see that. You know, the book is so revealing. I think you surprise a lot of your fans as you give the back story on so much of your life including the fact you were bullied when you were a child. When I was writing this I was reflecting back on the past experiences and, you know, I was the. I was bullied much there's some neighbors that stormed my family but I look back at those experiences as, you know, something that happened for me, not to me. What if life is happening and it's happening for you. I look back on that and looking back at people in general, all around life and not just like the typical bully but just in everyday situations, you know, you really wonder what's going on with them and honestly what's going on, you know, in their life because, you know, power over others is weakness in disguise. We learn a lot about the people who helped you in your life and you moved over to London as a teenager and mark Ballas' parents took you under their wing. They did. They changed my life for the absolute better and the experiences with their family were incredible. They're my extended family. You and mark have a new TV show. Yeah, we do actually. Tell us about that. You know, we love to create and make things. We love to, you know -- I have a saying, created to create and even if that means to build a house, you know, so, yeah, so we're building a house, you know, and we're going to sell it. It's just fun. Funny to get your hands dirty. On tour with your sister. She could not be here today but has a special message for you. Hey, d-man I wanted to be there in person to surprise you but obviously there were some really bad weather conditions and I'm so hard at work here in L.A. So I just couldn't make it but just want to say how proud I am of you. About the book and if anybody could write something as insir rational and beautiful as this, it's you. It looks like she's doing the right thing after the tour out there in I know. She's taking some time. No, I love her to death. She's amazing. We had an amazing, amazing experience on tour. It was amazing. You've been so great for so long now on "Dancing with the stars." When you look back on that what's been your most memorable moment. There's been a lot of memorable moments. I think obviously this season with Amy was incredible. It was. She really taught me some amazing, beautiful things and, you know, this ability isn't a physical thing but true disability is really between the ear, it's our mind and we're so hard on ourselves and, you know, the fear just keeps us from doing things and she didn't let that fear top her. She's really an incredible, incredible lady. So inspirational. If you could dance with one of these three, lady gaga, Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton. I'm going to say Kate Middleton. So elegant and so refined and I would love to -- yeah, why not. A bit of royalty. If you could make that happen we'd blow out the whole morning for about a week. Let's make it. Happen. Let's play "Dancing with Derek." A period of your life and you'll set the dance to it. Your childhood in Utah. I'd very much have to say jive. I was a scatterbrain and my mom had to keep me from killing myself. Your adventures in London. A fusion of rumba and paso. Paso and rumba. I was a teenager. Dance of love. Lots of that going on. Finally your life today? Honestly all of the above because all the different types of dance -- you know, on a day-to-day basis I go through so many different emotions and colors so it would have to be all of the above. And there is so much packed into it. Thanks a lot for coming back. Derek's memoir "Taking the lead" hits stores today.

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{"id":24844836,"title":"Derek Hough on Being Bullied, New Memoir ","duration":"5:08","description":"The \"DWTS\" fan favorite shares his struggles in the memoir, \"Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion.\"","url":"/GMA/video/derek-hough-interview-2014-dancer-bullied-memoir-24844836","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}