New Details Arise in the Murder of FSU Professor

Evidence shows that an alleged killer waited for Dan Markel to arrive home before shooting him in his own garage.
4:23 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for New Details Arise in the Murder of FSU Professor
Glad to hear that. And new details of the mysterious murder of a Florida law professor. Matt Gutman is tracking it. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, and why Dan Markel never stood a chance. His killer studying his patterns of behavior, waiting for him in his driveway as he pulled in, and once in the garage, that killer firing a single shot into the driver's side. It had all the hallmarks of a contract hit. ABC news news learned exclusively that as Dan Markel pulled his black Honda accord into his driveway two Fridays ago, an assassin laid in wait. They waited in the driveway, and shot him in the side of the head in the garage through the window. The bullet just below the jaw line. He was alive when cops arrived that morning, keys in the ignition before being pronounced dead. I can't imagine a person wanting to hurt him. Reporter: And he's a beloved law scholar and he was on the phone at the time. Telling the person on the phone someone was in the driveway. This morning, this police report now unraveling more of the mystery, saying a neighbor, apparently not the person on the phone, heard a single bang, a gunshot. That neighbor called 911 and reported seeing what could be this silver prius drive away from the scene. Just two days before he died, he posted a blog to his website about the death penalty. The same website he received threatening comments in 2012 after they said he censored anonymous comments. It's possible some of his scholarship and literature created enemies. That's as possible as any other scenarios. Reporter: He left behind two sons you should the age of 5, and an ex-wife, also an FSU professor. Friends described the day she left as his pearl harbor. Without warning she packed away and left while he was on a business trip. Police say they spoke to many family members, and ten days after this shooting, they have a pretty firm grasp of how this happened, just not a clear grasp of who did it. They have no suspects, they say, no persons of interest. We want to bring in Dan Abrams to talk about this. What do you make of the new details? We know where the authorities quickly came out and said neighbors, don't worry. This is not a random killer. It's the little details, the lying in wait, the neighbor's account, where the bullet was fired, that makes it look like a targeted hit. I'm interested in the make of the car. A Toyota prius. What hitman environmentally sound? The bottom line is, it's true. It's a clue the authorities are going to look at. They're going to look at that, say to themselves, wait a second, this maybe is more likely to be someone in the university community than a person being called out to get involved in this case. So that becomes one of the many pieces here they have to put together. That is a very good point about the make of the car. But we see the car, go in, enhance, and try to get a picture of the killer. They tried to, and this is the best they can do. So the fact that they -- it seems, at least, weren't able to get a license plate, et cetera. If they get that, it's quick. Either a stolen car or the person who you know you have to find. Right. If they were able to get that, this would be a pretty close to open and shut case. They don't have it yet. We know he was on the phone, there was someone in the driveway. We know he was alive for several hours. If he was able to say anything to investigators would they be able to use that? Typically, hearsay, there's an exception called a dying declaration, this is what that

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{"id":24737740,"title":"New Details Arise in the Murder of FSU Professor","duration":"4:23","description":"Evidence shows that an alleged killer waited for Dan Markel to arrive home before shooting him in his own garage.","url":"/GMA/video/details-arise-murder-professor-24737740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}