New Details on Hillary Clinton's Health

The latest details on Clinton's diagnosis of pneumonia and what it means for her presidential campaign.
3:52 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for New Details on Hillary Clinton's Health
ABC's doctor were professor and Martha Raddatz as well a little roundtable here. And in the morning you saw the video that's what did you say yeah okay listen let's look at that video you can you conceded she's leaning on a post there the doors open. She goes to get into that video that she supported under her arms her feet come up off the ground and you conceded she's not able to to walk in on on her own and when you see something like that it could be caused by any number of things but what's reassuring to me as a doctor. He's the video ninety minutes later where she's outside the apartment she's able to to talk with people and greet. And that to me is consistent with the story that we're hearing that she was dehydrated and got rehydrated. And was feeling better at that time overheated dehydrated in the doctor saying. Pneumonia but you know some people are wondering could it possibly be something more serious slowly. You when you hear the word pneumonia people wonder what that even Islam and pneumonia is a lung infection can be caused by. Bacteria by viruses by find who fungus is all kinds of things. What I'd like to know he is you know how to how wishy examine how did they make that diagnosis did she have an X ray what kind of pneumonia when he's on his phrase walking yes so walking pneumonia used to refer to an organism called Michael plasma it was a mild pneumonia fuel might not even know they had it. You tell a doctor put a stethoscope on their chest and and listened. And sometimes he could go about about about their day. Certain person among your contagious certain types need antibiotics and other ones don't and did there's a lot there that a as a as a doctor I went in now. And Martha's guess the question disclosure as well she was diagnosed. On Friday that statement comes out early in the day says overheated it doesn't disclose the pneumonia echos the when you're covering him to her in 2012 and she had that concussion. When we're cheers secretary of state is necessarily you mentioned. Very early in December December 9 pick wise she basically called in sick to the State Department they said she's under the weather. What we didn't really know for about four or five days was that she had fall. They kept saying she was not feeling well they canceled the trip but they gave no details she actually. Was diagnosed with a concussion on the on the Thursday of that week didn't come out until Saturday tell us about the concussion. Then she had that blood clot later in the month. They basically said she wants to get back to work she's feet making good progress and then a month later we see her with those glasses. And they did not disclose those classes were for doubled in Virginia native somebody caught it by looking at the photograph made a big point of the time that she wasn't hospital. Yes they said she wasn't hospitalized but what happens is they bring the hospital to her they do tests there they have 24 hour nursing care but they never ever said. What exactly was going on. As assistant Rick this is a doctor and you're seeing a lot about beds by the doctors about what obligation each candidate. Has to disclose right now pretty extraordinary situation. Donald Trump seven years old Hillary Clinton 68. When John McCain ran back into doesn't he release him like 12100 pages well Heidi. It's some of the calls in the op Eds are for an independent panel to to a medical evaluation. You can't play professional football or baseball without having a medical clearance without someone doing a tour exam who is independent. I don't think that's unreasonable for for president as you hit your seventies they're all kinds of medical problems that that tend to come up. That you can't you see less and people who are young. And and people want to know the health status of there at their candidates. Doctors won't lie when they're talking but they also won't disclose things without the permission of the patient. We're were were can. And as we said neither candidate neither candidate has released those medical records but after this and because of age in which are talking about. More pressure and it rings are those issues of mistrust again except Hillary Clinton which is such a huge issue in this camp picked it for both sides yeah.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The latest details on Clinton's diagnosis of pneumonia and what it means for her presidential campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42025549","title":"New Details on Hillary Clinton's Health","url":"/GMA/video/details-hillary-clintons-health-42025549"}