Father, Stepmother of Boy Found in Basement Being Investigated

Police say they are investigating possible child abuse of the 12-year-old who was found in basement after being missing for 11 days.
5:54 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Father, Stepmother of Boy Found in Basement Being Investigated
We're going to have the case of the 12-year-old Detroit boy missing for 11 days and then found alive in his basement. Nancy grace told the boy's father live on HLN. We're going to go to that in a moment. First, Linzie Janis outside of the family home right now. Good morning, Linzie. Good morning, George. Young Charlie is with his biological mother and said to be doing okay. His stepmother is waking up behind bars, the result of an unrelated case. And police say, they're investigating potential child abuse. Charlie, we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement. Sir? Mr. Bouthel, are you -- What? Reporter: The moment, riveting, as Nancy grace tells Charlie bouthel that his son is alive. But this morning, authorities remain puzzled as to how and why the child got in the basement in the first place. And tells ABC news, that Charlie bouthel's father and stepmother are being considered persons of interest. Young Charlie was found Wednesday, barricaded behind a 55-gallon barrel, which police say he couldn't have moved on his own. He indicated he was hungry. But he seemed to be nervous and excited. Reporter: Police are examining a pvc pipe taken from the scene that had blood on it. And we learned that Charlie was homeschooled and subjected to a strict exercise regimen. Over night, Charlie's stepmother was arrested on a probation violation on an unrelated charge. Authorities taking her two, young children, ages 4 and 10 months, now in the care of child protective services. Her husband, Charlie's father, had made pleas to the media to find Charlie. The last one, a stunning interview with Nancy grace, in which he learned on live TV, that his son was found. Sir? Mr. Bouthel are you -- Reporter: Later outside his home, he emotionally denied he and his wife were involved. I thought my son was dead. Reporter: Police say they searched the home four times before finding Charlie. The dogs didn't react. We went through the entire home. Reporter: But say the complex layout of the basement may be to blame. This morning, police say they believe the stepmother had knowledge that Charlie was in that basement and may have been hiding him. And another question. The uncle of that stepmother owns a condo just three doors down. Reports that police were not made aware of that during their hunt for Charlie. George? Okay, Linzie, thanks. Let's talk to Nancy grace about this. This is strange. You had the first stunning interview with the dad. You spoke to him again by phone. And that was tense. Yes. As this unfolds, I now realize that the boy was hiding or being hid, for a reason. I still don't believe the father knew the boy was actually in the basement because why else would you contact the FBI and the police and go on the Nancy grace show for a grilling if you knew the child was in your basement? However, I think there's much more to the story. Last night, when I spoke to the father, Charlie bouthel iv, he stated he had talk to his son, when the son called his grandmother. The son did not call the father. I'm very disturbed right now because of the blood on the pvc piping in the home. Clearly police are suggesting, this is because the child was beaten or abused. And a 4,000-step regimen a day on an elliptical? That's way over the line. How about the questions about the stepmother and the uncle? Right. Reports are emerging that the boy is saying the stepmother gave him food and helped him. But Mr. Bouthel told us off camera, right as we were getting ready to go on the air the other night, that his wife had sent him a text. And it was a picture of the elliptical, saying Charlie's not doing his chores. And he was going to have to deal with that. And what that means to me is, Charlie did not do his 4,000 step regimen on the elliptical and ran away. And the father is going to have to deal with that. Even saying the boy would have to go to military boarding school. Nancy, what do you make of the fact that the police searched the home several times. They brought those cadaver dogs in. Didn't find any sign of T boy. First of all, how is that possible? And how could he have been kept away and brought back with no one seeing him? It brings to mind other cases, like in the Laci Peterson case, where the dogs led the police to San Francisco bay and they can't find the boy in the basement? Maybe the boy wasn't in the basement. There's a long, interconnecting hallway among those town homes. And possibly, the boy was going in and out of that hallway when the police would emerge. When he was last found, when he was ultimately found, there was fresh chicken, Gatorade, soda and cereal down there. Somebody was feeding the child. A whole chicken can't go missing out of your fridge and you don't notice. A lot more questions. Nancy, thanks very much.

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{"id":24329827,"title":"Father, Stepmother of Boy Found in Basement Being Investigated","duration":"5:54","description":"Police say they are investigating possible child abuse of the 12-year-old who was found in basement after being missing for 11 days.","url":"/GMA/video/detroit-boy-missing-11-days-found-alive-basement-24329827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}