Working on 'The Family' has 'Been a Dream' for 'Glee' Star Dianna Agron

The actress talks about working with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.
2:51 | 09/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Working on 'The Family' has 'Been a Dream' for 'Glee' Star Dianna Agron
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain So, "athe family" follows a mob family. We had one of the stars on yesterday, michelle pfeiffer who plays mom, maggie blake. To this young lady. Dianna agron is here with us. And we welcome you to "good morning america." Thank you. Tell me about this movie. And working with the likes of robert de niro and michelle pfeiffer. Oh, my gosh. Dream come true. It's about a month and a half of waiting and hoping and wishing. And it came to fruition. I was reading one of the research I read, is you said i can't get fired now. My logic was, johnny and i were filming for two weeks. By the time I had gotten to set, I relaxed a little bit. It would be too expensive to start over. I want to show everybody a little clip. Take a looked look right now. What are you guys doing? It's just -- to get to know each other. Oops. Hey, boys, this approach to women, you're not going to get very far. That racket, half of it breaks away. And you said you were terrified you were going to hit the kid. I was terrified. But I would have to show him every time I tested it five times. And he would say things like, well, you know, like this region. Don't kick me there. As if I hadn't learned that a lot younger. You have pads. People know you from "glee." Now, you're starring with incredible tommy lee jones in this. It's a terrific film. How do you make that transition? How do you wrap your head around that jump in your career? It's a new character. It's a new group of people. You want to do a good job. And the director makes it fun to do that. He lays out the groundwork to have the best time ever. We were filming in paris and normandy for three months. I was surprised to hear michelle pfeiffer say she was intimidated about workliing with you. I think she's being nice. She's so wonderful and generous. You know. You can't get better people to learn from. Yes. And sounds like everybody had something to offer in the film. Everybody is terrific. It is called "the family." Diana argon is in it and does a terrific job. It opens nationwide tomorrow.

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{"id":20234104,"title":"Working on 'The Family' has 'Been a Dream' for 'Glee' Star Dianna Agron","duration":"2:51","description":"The actress talks about working with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer.","url":"/GMA/video/dianna-agron-interview-2013-working-family-dream-glee-20234104","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}