Dick Van Dyke Saved From Burning Car

A good Samaritan saved the Hollywood icon before his new Jaguar exploded into a fireball.
2:03 | 08/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dick Van Dyke Saved From Burning Car
We're going to turn to dick van dyke and the tv legend's scary brush with death on an l.A. Freeway. He was rescued from his sports car just in time. And abc's ryan owens has the alarming story. Reporter: Dick van dyke starred in the classic "chitty chitty bang bang," about a car that never stopped making strange noises. Which is how the 87-year-old's real-life highway drama began. It started making a noise. I thought it had a flat. Then, it started smoking. And it burned to a crisp. They yanked me out of the car. I was trying to call the dmv. Reporter: The hollywood icon's brand-new jag exploded into a fireball. Look at that. Just after he managed to get out and on to the side of l.A.'S 101 freeway, with the help of a good samaritan. You feel lucky to be alive? Absolutely. There was a fireman and a nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. Reporter: Wow. Someone's looking out for me. Reporter: And why not? We've been looking at him for decades. From his iconic role in "mary poppins." ♪ to his years on the small screen. He and his wife wasted no time taking to social media to assure everyone he's perfectly okay. His wife posted video of his melted car on vine and tweeted, he's fine, thank god. His p.R. Rep added, he was just headed to the dentist monday afternoon. One of america's favorite funnymen couldn't resist one last punch line about his beloved burned out jag. Tell them I have a nice used car for sale. Reporter: Delivered with that trademark smile. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. Still has that comic side, right? Look how great he looks at 87 years old. Yeah. Wow. There's the headline. Dick van dyke has a great life. Exactly. He said somebody's looking after me. Looking after the car. They sure were. Scary. Glad he's all right.

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{"id":20008931,"title":"Dick Van Dyke Saved From Burning Car","duration":"2:03","description":"A good Samaritan saved the Hollywood icon before his new Jaguar exploded into a fireball.","url":"/GMA/video/dick-van-dyke-car-explosion-video-tv-icon-20008931","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}