Duo Killed Skydiving Never Deployed Parachutes, Owner

Police are investigating the deaths of a skydiving instructor and student, both from Iceland.
2:19 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Duo Killed Skydiving Never Deployed Parachutes, Owner
First, the sky diving deaths in florida. This is such a mystery. It is. They're still investigating. This was supposed to be an ed adventurous vacation. Instead, it turned tragic. This morning, an all-out investigation into how an experienced skydiving instructor and his student fell more than 13,000 feet to their deaths. The company behind saturday's jump near tampa says it appears the two men did not attempt to activate their main parachute. The backup chute did not fully inflate before the men hit the ground. There's a multitude of scenarios. They lost track of altitude, weren't paying attention. Distracted by something else going on. Who knows? Reporter: The instrirkt and his student were part of a group from iceland, training and vacationing at skydive city? Florida. Nearly 20 skydivers went up saturday morning after the instructor and student jumped, they were nowhere to be found. Following a grueling nine-hour search, the pair was located. Their bodies found in a wooded area about a mile away from where they were supposed to land. Now, authorities are hoping a camera worn by one of the men may be their best clue. We're reviewing the tape. Reporter: Last year, 19 fatal skydiving accidents out of more than 3 million jumps. Just last week, man in california, attempting this difficult stunt turned into this. A tangled parachute. The emergency chute gone wrong, too. The diver slams into the ground and survives. A dangerous sport that turned fatal for the pair from iceland while the instructor reportedly had thousands of successful jumps under his belt. For his student, his eighth jump was his last. And the skydiving company says it inspects gear for every jumper. It appears this gear was in good shape. A real mystery as to how this Now all eyes turn to the images from the camera. Hoping they may answer a lot of questions. Thank you. Now to the terrifying shark attack caught on tape. A newly wed has a shocking brush

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{"id":18805272,"title":"Duo Killed Skydiving Never Deployed Parachutes, Owner","duration":"2:19","description":"Police are investigating the deaths of a skydiving instructor and student, both from Iceland.","url":"/GMA/video/die-skydiving-florida-men-opened-parachutes-deaths-icelandic-18805272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}