Couple Had Wedding Pics Taken with Dinosaur

Katie Young and James Lowder discuss their "Dino-bombed" wedding photos.
2:57 | 06/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Had Wedding Pics Taken with Dinosaur
I didn't say a few months ago we had I don't got -- bombs remember that -- among -- So. Last week when we saw this wedding photo we had -- -- showed the entire wedding party running in fear. And what -- angry that one. Wonderful work zone now fresh back from their honeymoon in joining us live -- -- via Skype from Baton Rouge, Louisiana had a happy couple. -- -- -- -- Can survive the -- and your love will last forever and that it's. So you know video games we often had people on the show who you know. Actors who are working on greens greens it looked like you guys are doing the same thing what -- did you find your emotional -- -- taking the shot we see right now. It -- of -- and molesters and yeah. Their travel writer. Soccer or Wendy Miller is just sassy is -- -- and look at it here. It is Brian. Obama. It's -- crazy. It's so fantastic why -- why the concept would. Is there -- -- passion in your life's. -- -- It was kind of morbid joke that is -- serious. Get this. Half whose awesome yeah. I love it now I value guys at what would tell me about the wedding in general anything with -- -- big ones small one what was your favorite moment she's. Does the sound -- really look at her look at Smart I liked the best idea. OUS -- -- couple southern gentlemen I love the love I love the idea and thank you so much for sharing your wedding photo with us. Dad's house -- Elizabeth does. That's because all that is a beautiful beautiful wedding fun idea thank you guys. James get out now man. Now let's let's a lot of not now and that's what I thought that I had yeah. Look at a clip clip. That -- -- -- it's possible that he didn't but it is. Well did you know he might -- he have a little fun in I think Pete in the Indy is that we do so many stories about lake with the monster -- -- so to speak. But it's important to remember that days -- exactly how you want a member of the yeah I've been waiting to hit is that the best way to do it was the cheapest way to superimpose -- -- so you on the pay anybody and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on horseback and a real value that would have been read our -- and I still find myself he loved Diana I know he's certain underbrush thinking. What happy amity and have a road Venezuelan -- and why not why I think he would -- really -- a with a high five billion -- the court I want. Bugs and snakes I'd go into the Amazon rain isn't the military is something --

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{"id":19330266,"title":"Couple Had Wedding Pics Taken with Dinosaur","duration":"2:57","description":"Katie Young and James Lowder discuss their \"Dino-bombed\" wedding photos.","url":"/GMA/video/dinosaur-wedding-photos-couple-interview-dino-bomb-pictures-19330266","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}