One Direction-Loving Dad Becomes Viral Sensation

A 50-year-old lamp builder accidentally wins over the boy band’s fans on Twitter.
2:19 | 11/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One Direction-Loving Dad Becomes Viral Sensation
Now to the dad who became an overnight sensation on Twitter. His tweet about one direction going viral and proving anyone can be a star on social media. Isn't that right, T.J. Holmes over there in social square? That's what they keep telling me, robin. We know one direction has millions of teenage girls fawning over them. Would you find it strange if I declared to you my love of one direction? Well, apparently it is a little strange. Because one man declared publicly his love of one direction and the internet went nuts. ? ? only getting older baby ? millions of crazed one direction fans turned their attention away from their beloved boys during the amas for this guy, jerry Reichart, old enough to be their dad who sent a tweet that won them over. I'm not a fan of one direction being a 50-year-old man and all, but they can sing. One direction fans blindsiding him, retweeting him more than 10,000 times. Following up the first tweet, how did one direction fans find me? I'm a simple man from New York who makes lamps. Fans taking the second sentiment further, use, th the #jerrythelampbuilder. And he built us lamps. And a meme. But like any good businessman, jerry is jumping at the chance to light up people's lives by promoting the very lamps that keep him simple. Even offering to pay homage to the to the fabulous five who made him famous. I will make a one direction-inspired lamp if a member of one direction notices my lamps. Also, what does that mean? Not down presidewith the lingo. Certainly to go down as a memorable story. He's not a prolific tweeter. Only on Twitter two years and sent 20 tweets. The latest one got over 10,000 hits. For you all, do you think what 1daf stands for. Michael does, he's blushing. I'm just not going to share. All right. Is that it? We don't find out.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"A 50-year-old lamp builder accidentally wins over the boy band’s fans on Twitter. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27161353","title":"One Direction-Loving Dad Becomes Viral Sensation","url":"/GMA/video/direction-loving-dad-viral-sensation-27161353"}