Director Paul Feig Shakes Up Popular Genre With New Film 'Spy'

The mastermind behind "Bridesmaids" discusses his latest film starring Melissa McCarthy.
4:39 | 06/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Director Paul Feig Shakes Up Popular Genre With New Film 'Spy'
. So happy to talk to you about the movie spy, a movie directed and written by Paul Feig. Melissa Mccarthy plays a cia analyst who has the first time to go out in the field. Take a look. These look delicious. I don't want to be critical but this is very chewy. You're read ags hand towel. Just cleansing my palette. I mean, only she can pull it off. We're joined by Paul Feig. So great to see you. You were just saying that you have a story about that screen. That was a true story. I was in a restaurant at London. I saw them rising then I didn't see what happened. At our table, they did it. Good, they're marshmallow. I picked it up to eat it. I put it in my mouth and I eat it. Hot soapy water goes down my throat and like, is this -- he goes, that's a hand towel. You couldn't have told me before I put it in my mouth. Now it's in the movie. You should thank him. It's a hilarious scene. In this movie, your third collaboration with the one and only Melissa Mccarthy. She's a force of nature. Hurricane Melissa. Here's what she has to say about you. Uh-oh. Oh, boy. He's the best. Truly, he's the kindest, most free-thinking fella in the world. He sees no boxes to fit into and it's a very joyous thing. Oh, that's so nice. Pretty nice words. Oh, my goodness. I can only say really nice things about her. We just have the best time. We're best friends. We don't have to say words. It's very easy. Unlikely and amazing pairing of Melissa with Jason stratham -- He's a good who walks among us on Earth. I have been a friend of his forevers. When I saw the crank movies, he's funny. When I was writing that, for years, I got to get him in. This is the guy. Someone else you put in the movie who we happen to have here today. Could you play the music so "The view"ers can get a clue? Come on out. There he is. Mr. Fifty cent. Thanks for popping over. We always travel together, Curtis and I. Not only movie star but new music coming out. Share with everyone. My new single get low is me, Jeremiah T.I. It's cool. I got a chance to take a break from music. TV star on STARZ power. Congratulations. Season two coming. What was it like for you to be in a Paul Feig movie? It was exciting. . The whole setup was amazing. We were out in the woods and he was still in a three-piece suit. I had a chance to see Paul give the talent the ability to -- Play with it a little bit, yeah. And he'll say, do it this way and they'll say okay and then try this. Try this. A lot of extra jokes. It's so, so funny also a great thriller. You have really, you really held true, you're a huge bond fan, great job. Thank you. I wanted to make a real "Spy" movie that's funny. We're so looking forward to the female ghostbusters. Another collaboration with Melissa Mccarthy and Paul Feig. Curtis, thank you for being here. Spy is great, it opens nationwide on Friday.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The mastermind behind \"Bridesmaids\" discusses his latest film starring Melissa McCarthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31465759","title":"Director Paul Feig Shakes Up Popular Genre With New Film 'Spy'","url":"/GMA/video/director-paul-feig-shakes-popular-genre-film-spy-31465759"}