DirecTV Fine Print Leads to 1 Extraordinary Bill

ABC News' fixer Stephanie Zimmermann helps two sisters who co-own a restaurant navigate their bill with the television provider.
2:47 | 12/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DirecTV Fine Print Leads to 1 Extraordinary Bill
Welcome back, everyone. Welcome back. That kind of -- I'm -- Ron is rubbing off on me because I'm surprised with the red light on that we're on television. It's been one of those days. Two sisters worked hard to start their own restaurant. But almost saw their childhood dream go up in smoke. At the is before the ABC news fixer stepped in. It's all about the fine print. These two restauranteurs in el pa paso, Texas, are more Han just sisters. They're business partners. Their childhood dream came true last year when they opened papa pita. We're cooking. Serving. In and out of the kitchen. Reporter: A salesman from DirecTV came in, they signed right up. A year later, a disturbing call from the law firm representing DirecTV. Have she was telling us we're being sued by DirecTV. She said $15,000. I was like, what? Reporter: The sisters were told that the TV was on a residential plan, not a commercial plan. They were violating federal law. Vanessa and Jessica got the penalty knocked down to $5,000 and paid some of it to avoid collections. But they couldn't afford the rest. Our server sifny was watching "Good morning America." Saw your segment. Said you need to talk to this lady. Reporter: They showed pictures that salesmen had to know this was a business. DirecTV said the company would accept their word and didn't know. The company afreed to stop all legal action and erase theory maining $380 in fines. All: It's fixed. Thanks, ABC news, fixer. When the sisters got in giant $15,000 TV bill, the company pointed to the fine print in the contract which said residential. The first tip in dealing with any sales transaction is to trade contract. Take your time and read every word. If what a sales person promised you is not written in the lots and lots of sales calls. The advice is to resist pressure. Compare office. Telephone salespeople and door-to-door salespeople are counting on you to make a decision on the spot. You don't have to. Thank you, Stephanie. I imagine she'll get free pitas for the rest of her life. If you have a consumer problem for the ABC news fixer, find her at

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News' fixer Stephanie Zimmermann helps two sisters who co-own a restaurant navigate their bill with the television provider.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35730904","title":"DirecTV Fine Print Leads to 1 Extraordinary Bill","url":"/GMA/video/directv-fine-print-leads-extraordinary-bill-35730904"}