DIY tips to spruce up your patio

Design expert Francesco Bilotto shows you everything you need to do make your patio summer-ready.
3:00 | 05/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DIY tips to spruce up your patio
Springtime means rediscovering your backyard and this morning some easy ways to take that space from drab. Is my patio there's really not much to look at but a dirty CAPTCHA. I can really use some help getting displaced ready for summer principles Google Ladell design expert and save the day. First thing to do is to create zones and work with what you had. Tip number one prepaid cell and think about furniture. Please optimal to move the sectional around to help create dead zone I'd rather sit there and face the drugs. Since that there are things the stairs toward the spirit if there. His own. Secretive two zones are serving area and a seating area lab it but now we have to likely a little bit. Yes is all dirty. Number one thing to keep in mind when you're cleaning your outdoor fabrics is the use of organic cleaner I'm using a powder mix and mix in with the water you never want to mix chemicals together baking soda works well other cleaners like Spain's phrase also work. And defraud from federal way princess clear really its. Tip number 34 items online a few days before you plan to be Zachary. All these things are really bulky getting a bit him in your minivan W order of implicitly dropped the main way fare bird plane. To show the freezer door and then we could have fun decorating for c'mon that's right out and don't happen minivan. The great color save number floor and collar is heat stick with two or three colors and only one pattern and a solid. And perhaps my fevered heart. Fire pit maybe for some more than a week and with the family is the perfect we'll plus. It's Morris you're speaking our language. Don't even when he's so how to write some hand we thought I am so tough stance please. This is needlessly they face. It's pretty great right we did it fast we did brutally for we have five happy summer after summer thinking you're seeing it kind of. Francesca is edginess rather magnet if he says yeah. I don't know Richie day's notice ahead you were before a react out of expensive Pollack had a party at her backyard but of course I'm decorated got richer so yeah. I didn't trust yeah. Over eggs and next here. Maybe it must anytime I want you guys here all that not only going into big stadium and Wilson who know thank you followed.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Design expert Francesco Bilotto shows you everything you need to do make your patio summer-ready.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47541723","title":"DIY tips to spruce up your patio ","url":"/GMA/video/diy-tips-spruce-patio-47541723"}