DNC Speeches Focus on Attacks Against Donald Trump

ABC News' Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd analyze the speeches from speeches from VP Joe Biden and more at the Democratic National Convention.
2:31 | 07/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DNC Speeches Focus on Attacks Against Donald Trump
We're here with Jon Karl and Matthew dowd again and, Jon, let's begin with charges from Donald Trump yesterday. As Tom said he says he was just joking around there yesterday but it did create quite a backlash. How do you see the fall out? It created such a backlash Mike pence put out a statement that said Russia needs to be held accountable if true and Paul Ryan said a former bush national security official said it was tantamount to treason and went over with quite a thud. You know, this is -- trump is good at saying he's joking after it stirs up a big controversy. President Obama said he was passing the baton to Hillary Clinton and that's exactly what the trump campaign is going at with these charges of a third term. Absolutely. I think the democrats so far have been a little too Lego movie. Everything is awesome, everything is cool if you're part of the team. I think Hillary Clinton tonight -- On key. Not as good as the imitation that we saw of Tim kaine of Donald Trump. I think they need -- Hillary Clinton needs to get more into the zeitgeist of the country, where the country really is because the country really is at a point they're frustrated, afraid, anxious and somebody needs to meet them there and take them to hope because right now all the democrats have offered thus far is hope and need to be met at their fear. The speech last night by president Obama, you covered him very closely these recent years. And he did a very good job of really showing the accomplishments and praising Hillary Clinton's accomplishments and also going after Donald Trump. Very personal. It was and, you know, he was expliciting making the case for his own legacy while he was doing that and I thought maybe one of the more powerful parts of the speech was the way he went after those Bernie or bust people in this very hall. You know, don't boo, vote. This legacy is on the line. Very, very powerful speech. Basically making the case that this is a third Obama term. And have they been able to this week, the democrats as opposed to republicans get a bump or bounce from the convention but criticism he didn't really increase his base, it was really focused on his supporters. Have the democrats been able to do that this week? That's the fascinating thing about the race. Right now you see Donald Trump is really not able to break 41% or 42%. He has to figure out a way to get past that. I don't think the convention did that. Everything Donald Trump does seems to solidify and keep his ceiling way too low. I think the democrats are going to do better on that but I think time will tell and see next week. Both are fighting over such a limited number of voters. Ginger in New York.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl and political analyst Matthew Dowd analyze the speeches from speeches from VP Joe Biden and more at the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40953474","title":"DNC Speeches Focus on Attacks Against Donald Trump","url":"/GMA/video/dnc-speeches-focus-attacks-donald-trump-40953474"}