New documentary reveals intimate glimpse at Heath Ledger's life

"I Am Heath Ledger" includes home videos shot by the legendary late actor.
2:31 | 04/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New documentary reveals intimate glimpse at Heath Ledger's life
Out of that incident new documentary following the the life of actor Heath Ledger who unexpectedly died leaving behind family and friends and loved it. They're now speaking out maybe c.'s Jesse Palmer's here with the beat Gil good morning Jessica. Good morning Michael in this documentary is full of interviews and never before seen footage that ledger films himself. Shedding light on the private moments of a budding star. Needs Heath Ledger raw on filtered in through his own lands. The new documentary I am Heath Ledger is an intimate self portrait framed by the memories of friends and family. Had to settle. China's thousand ceiling and it could happen this old house. He says the unit that's from getting things done got into a game film industry and he said I'm going to be filming. Turned down so many different roles. He it's innocent he turned down Superman. He was in a role he felt that he could relate to it wasn't a role that he felt that was going to be further his career and he said now. What are your letter very rough but when he said yes he delivered unforgettable performances it's simple. Killed the pac man. And won an Oscar in 2009 posthumously. As the Joker in the Dark Knight here's my card. Privately however he struggled with his own skyrocketing success he wanted to change. Memory got it she didn't want him mostly friends were called his generous spirit off screen if you ask Keith. Who. He was he would tell you he was an actor. As a filmmaker and his brother in his brother to me. And to many you never know. This black and white shot right here Nicole Kidman in one of Heath ledgers home movies. But ledger Jordan no one more than his daughter Matilda now eleven his Sister Kate ledger tells People Magazine that the film is like a gift from father to daughter. Her being able to see his movements and his expressions it's almost like keep peace the documentary together for her. Really going to be. Please come we clean. You're okay. He'd Stanley also describes his daughter Matilda as quote Heath in pig tails and says everything she does reminds them of him. You can see iron Heath Ledger in theaters on May third and on spike may seventeenth. On the category remembrance six absolutely kind thank you Jeffrey.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"\"I Am Heath Ledger\" includes home videos shot by the legendary late actor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46740942","title":"New documentary reveals intimate glimpse at Heath Ledger's life","url":"/GMA/video/documentary-reveals-intimate-glimpse-heath-ledgers-life-46740942"}