Dodgers' Chase Utley Suspended for Slide

Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada's leg was broken after a controversial slide by Utley.
5:24 | 10/12/15

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Transcript for Dodgers' Chase Utley Suspended for Slide
Now to the controversial play. The playoff game between the nets and the dodgers. L.a.'s chase Utley now suspended for two games for this slide that brokeor Fe mor Athan year on spying charges. We're learning Thi Jason rezaian has been convicted. Brian Ross is here with the latest. Reporter: The conviction of "The Washington post" reporter rezaian as a U.S. Spy is being denounced by his editors this morning. The announcement on TV came he was an American reporter. And a gone. He's accused ofio espnage for, among other things, providing up to the minute news from Iran and writing reports for "The Washington post" that F inside trahe indian government considered biased. He's innocent. He's been caught up in larger forces inside decision he says he'll appeal. The dodgers say they stand behind chase Utley and his decision to appeal the decision. The mets say they feel this was the appropriate course of action. The slide sparked a heated debate about the fine line between good, hard baseball and a dirty play. It wasn't a slide. It's a tackle. Reporter: The mets up 2-1 on Saturday when Utley ran hard to second base. He goes into the base, sliding late and upright, barrelling into Tejada, sending him flying into the air. The mets shortstop carted off with a broken right fibula. Reaction to the play was mixed. As a base runner, your job is to clear him out of the way. Chase out sli not a dirty player. He's not even overly aggressive. He did slide late. Reporter: Nance an uproar. There's a difference between a clean takeout slide and tackling somebody. Joe torre, in a statement, called it an illegal slide. Utley maintains he wasn't trying to hurt Tejada. You're taught from a young age to try to break up double plays. That's winning baseball. Reporter: During the 2010 season, Utley, then playing for the Phillies, took out Tejada in a similar play. How about that slide by Utley? Reporter: This time, the slide cost the mets their starting shortstop. Well, baseball will try to hear that appeal from Utley sometime today, before game time. We could get a ruling. And even if not, Utley could still be on field tonight. New York ready to give him a new York welcome, robin? All right, T.J., thank you very much. Who better to weigh in than Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. The hosts of ESPN's "Mike & Mike." We're going to show the slide again. Mike and Mike, what say you? I have no problem with the slide by chase Utley. I have no problem with him doing his job. His job is to break up the double play. If you want to call the play reckless, I'll go that far. Dirty, I will not pi my problem is with the way the play is officiated. The officiating, the umpiring, and the baseball post season so far has been nothing short of an embarrassment. If that isn't spear feerns, I have never seen it. It's a hard slide. You want to say bordering reckless, you could say that. I don't think there was intent to hurt Tejada. You see hard slides all the time. Go to the rules. It says in the umpire's judgment. This is the same as the NFL, robin. You can't -- you can't replay the judgment of an official. When the replay showed it was all about whether Tejada touched bag or not. It was all on the umpire. What do you think about the suspension? It's two games. He's appealed, of course. Major league baseball saying they're going the rule before game time tonight. They better rule before game time. They have to. And I think Utley will win the appeal. Just for the fact, he'll show a bunch of tape that says, this has happened a bunch. Umpires have not called the player out. Let alone suspended them after the fact. The more important point. Ruben Tejada's leg. T.j. Holmes is at Citi field where the teams play again tonight. Good morning. Reporter: Yes, Citi field. A baseball stadium. Stadium to talk about what was the most talked about and vicious tackle of the weekend. The play results in a comeback for the dodgers. Also sparked outrage and now. The result? You got one player with a broke B leg. Another player suspended. And a new most hated man new N York. Major league baseball taking action against the L.A. Dodgers' chase Utley after his slide broke the leg of Ruben Tejada. Chase Utley going in hard at second. Tejada I epor Rter: Utley suspended the next two games. A a do I need to throw at him situation. Don't you have a show to do. Run along now. Caught them in a commercial break. Nay have more issue with the umpires. Seems like it. Amy has the morning's other

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada's leg was broken after a controversial slide by Utley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34415645","title":"Dodgers' Chase Utley Suspended for Slide","url":"/GMA/video/dodgers-chase-utley-suspended-slide-34415645"}