Dog Yoga Is the Paw-fect New Workout for You and Your Pup

Exercise studios are designing yoga and boot camp-style "doga" workouts for clients and man's best friend.
4:21 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Dog Yoga Is the Paw-fect New Workout for You and Your Pup
How you can do it, as well. First I want to show you this picture of my daughter Kate snapped. That's my -- On the couch. Downward dog and gives new meaning to the term downward dog, my dogs watching and it's a growing trend, ABC's nick watt tried out the new exercise craze yoga with your dog otherwise known as dog. Yes, I am doing yoga with a dog. Doga. I'm no yogi and I'm no dogie lover. Nash is a loner. The dogs in dog become props. And they even become weights in some of the poses that we're going to do. Reporter: She ain't kidding. ? It's been very powerful for both me and pea number butter with allergies and anxiety and everything like that can do healing. They'll feel the energy. When we're calm and relaxed they are. Reporter: Some say it's denigrating an ancient ors and maybe dulls don't like it but this is now a thing, a growing thing and Nash does seem rather yoga chill. But if you're a little more outdoorsy -- Exhale up, inhale down. Reporter: Feet and paws fitness. A daybreak boot camp for human plus canine. Plus workout gear. Good, motivate those dogs, be excited. Who is excited to be here. Reporter: Tracy can a skert tied fitness trainer and dog trainer. Try to keep that butt nice and teddy. Low to the ground. Dog did nothing. You definitely work up a sweat but get to spend time with your dog. Reporter: About teaching obedience, as well. Sit. Sit. Sit. Yeah, I think dog is actually more my thing. Pretty impressive. If even I'm a convert, I predict this might catch on. Place your left hand on your dog and you're going to just take your right hand up and over. For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, los Angeles. Thank you, nick. Joined by five adorable adoptable dogs, joy, dasher, Noel, comet and our top dog poses. Why do you like this idea combined. The great thing about dogs and yoga combined together, they're both known for creating less stress. Creating joy in our lives so when we bring our dogs to our yoga mat we're creating a space where we can connect with them and harmonize energy and they're bonded with you and build trust. My dogs watch and looking at them makes me not realize how long I'm holding the pose so I can hold it longer. You have examples of dog poses. We'll try one, I'm going to watch. You guys go ahead and do that. The first pose we'll do is warrior one and step back with our right heel and bend that front knee. To connect with our dog we'll hold our dog up placing his back paws at our heart building the strength in our arms and rooting down through the feet and gaze up at our dog and find that joy you were just talking about as we practice our yoga to encourage us to hold it a little bit longer. They do say that looking in a dog's eyes, releases endorphins for both the dog and the human so it's great on so many levels. Yes. You have one more pose you'd like to show us. Another pose -- Will not work for Sara Haines or any other folks with large dogs so small dog necessary. Necessary. You can modify with a larger dog but for the next one angle pose and holding it right here at our heart and going to take that arm and reach it down towards the toes and gaze up again at the dog so here we're opening up the hips and reaching and rooting down through the feet and signing our heart forward into joy in this cute face. I wish you could see Noelle's face staring at you. Loving this. I love it. More poses. You can find out more about this on our website. I want to say thank you guys for coming in this morning and making us smile and you guys can make us smile because all these dogs are adoptable from the north shore animal league America and they're actually having a free adoption special. We are where all fees are waived and it is on Christmas eve, 9:00 to 11:00. Please share the holiday joy and please adopt a new best friend.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Exercise studios are designing yoga and boot camp-style \"doga\" workouts for clients and man's best friend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35904176","title":"Dog Yoga Is the Paw-fect New Workout for You and Your Pup","url":"/GMA/video/dog-yoga-paw-fect-workout-pup-35904176"}