Doggie Yoga: New Exercise That Involves Your Pets

"GMA" anchors looks at the increasing trend of yoga with dogs.
3:38 | 01/27/13

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Transcript for Doggie Yoga: New Exercise That Involves Your Pets
everybody knows yoga could be good for you which is why it has exploded in recent years. That's right. Now there is baby yoga, hot yoga, even face yoga and the new trend giving a whole new meaning to downward dog, ginger is here with that story. We want to reach that peaceful state. So in demand now yoga is literally going to the dogs. All right. Two. One. Breathe. Reach those arms into the air. Reporter: It's called doga and the goal is to take all of the strength, stamina and serenity of yoga to the dogs. Good boy. Downward facing and otherwise. We have very busy lives, busy schedules, we might not have a lot of room to let our dogs run. So having a class where the dogs are being stimulated, they're being exercised, they're being stretched and you're expending energy, as well. Reporter: New jersey dog trainer robin lash has been using the human version of the exercise for years to help alleviate her back and neck pain. When she wanted to help her ailing pup she turned to yogi karen stetser. I know I enjoyed it when we were practicing with our own dogs together we noticed the benefits in our own dogs. Reporter: It went so well in october the pair started up a class at the more risque nine campus. The classes caught on and now students are regularly coming to pose alongside their pooches. From those who already know their way around a namiste. I stopped going to my yoga glasses because I wasn't finding exactly what I wanted but doing it with tyra is more relaxing. Reporter: To those who always yoga wasn't for them. I thought it was a bunch of sissies doing poses -- I thought it was easy and it's not easy. I just think I'm getting something for my health and something getting for her health. Reporter: Stetser and lash welcome one and all and say they're happy the dog days are far from over. It's been wonderful. Looking back on it, I'm really happy that we tried it. I'm happy it it went so well. We hope to bring it to more people. Karen stetser is here with us with baccus, your pup, german shepherd. A beautiful dog we're all saying and you'll show us the moves. Looks look we're starting with baccus standing on top of the ball. Using had is abdominal muscles. Increasing his flexibility, moving from foot to foot so each leg is getting stronger as he's Baccus is having a strong core. Yeah. All of us could. Works my corps out trying to hold the ball. What we're looking for is injury prevention and helping dogs as they get older so they can live longer healthier lives. All the same as the benefits we get. Exactly the same, absolutely. So I think we're going to have -- baccus -- paws down. He doesn't want to get off the ball. Off the ball. Come on. There you go, bud. Good boy. His back. That's a good boy. Also going to have karen do peekaboo so this is a little bit of what happens in our studio when we're actually having doga class. Oh, between the legs. Sit. And we're going to do some gentle arm bends. Rest. Inhale up. Thank you very much for

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"\"GMA\" anchors looks at the increasing trend of yoga with dogs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18328097","title":"Doggie Yoga: New Exercise That Involves Your Pets","url":"/GMA/video/doggie-yoga-exercise-involves-pets-18328097"}