Man Shops at 99-Cent Store, Sheds 250 Pounds

"Papa" Joe Aviance combined walking five miles a day with healthy, inexpensive foods.
2:57 | 06/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Shops at 99-Cent Store, Sheds 250 Pounds
the top stories trending right now. First up, a stunning weight loss tr transformation. A man who lost 250 pounds. Look at the change in him. He did it shopping at a 99 cent score. Amy robach is here. Many you might hear 99 cent store and think, how is that possible? I just see cheap toys and inexpensive toiletries. Your stores out west have a wider selection. With fresh pro deuce and seafood. That's how papa joe lost 250 pounds and gained his health. He's the man with the penny-pinching plan. I haven't touched soda in years. Reporter: He's parking big buzz after dropping weight on his 99 cent diet. His strategy starts with walking five miles a day. That combined with purchases from the 9 cent store, he went from 499 pounds to 200 pounds in 18 months. What sparked the dramatic weight loss. Joe, a performing artist says, it was seeing himself in this 2009 music video. I said, you know what? You have to end this right now. I had a nervous breakdown. I threw everything in the trash can. Getting rid of everything. Cookies, candy, cakes. Everything sugary items. Everything. Reporter: Abc news caught up with papa joe at his favorite 99 cent store in los angeles, armed th just $20. He showed us how to cut the fat at the register. Start out my day with eggs. Carrots. 2% milk. I'm going to spend less than $20. Reporter: Joe has a name for his diet on a dime plan. I call it shopping at the hcwb. Healthy choices within a budget. Reporter: Is spending less the key to losing more? Harley pasternak says it's not about being cheap. It's a great example for people. Cost is not a roadblock tore impediment to eating well and losing weight. Reporter: Despite losing 250 pounds, papa joe has plans for more weight loss. And he has advice for the rest of us. I want to unlock this person inside of everybody, to be the best they can be. And just let it shine. What an inspiration. I love papa joe. And guess what he says. He has ten more pounds to go. He's launching his own live for life tour across the country to get people walking just like him. Check out joewalking.Com for information. That's an important part, too. We talked about this yesterday. Sometimes healthy food is not inexpensive. This is a challenge to the 99 cent stores all over the country. Get the healthy food in there. So simple. Chips bad. Salad good. Who knew? Next up -- thank you, amy.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"\"Papa\" Joe Aviance combined walking five miles a day with healthy, inexpensive foods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19372275","title":"Man Shops at 99-Cent Store, Sheds 250 Pounds","url":"/GMA/video/dollar-store-diet-man-shops-99-cent-store-19372275"}