Dolly Parton Reflects on Childhood as 'Outcast'

Country superstar was teased growing up dirt poor
3:54 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Dolly Parton Reflects on Childhood as 'Outcast'
Touching a little bit about the inspiration behind you -- you said -- -- and I think maybe it's still holds true you were favorite song. Coat of many colors. -- inspiration behind. Well coming -- -- two story because most people know my story that I grew up in a big family and lived with kids. And my mother used to make color clothes -- -- make them hand me downs whenever and this one particular -- she. They handle -- to make -- proud of it she told me. The story of Joseph in the -- colors -- -- -- to make it out of -- to scraps. And kids laughed at me and it hurt me and I -- that. Her for a long time and and I wrote. The song in so many people related to it and it's not favorite song of all because it's more than a song it's an attitude. It's about a good -- -- good parents. It's about. Showing you that you don't have to have money to be reached you can be regions -- Kindness love and all those things -- you can't prudent and dollar -- Did you have a tough time fitting and in school. Yes I had a tough town to being. Married isn't allowed to different you know but I think. But everybody back home was -- it's not that we have a whole bunch of rich he is but we -- just being people warm and I was -- -- instinct and and so I just remember all those things they have is always a little bit different -- the beaten man. I was a little bit different since that at twelve years so here's little trip down memory lane for -- Lake Charles, Louisiana. You cut your first album what will with a two songs to why except cut -- first record that went -- puppy. Was the very first one my uncle bill Owens and -- at -- little song and in on the backside I think we did it may not. And a girl left the girl left behind me -- yet I mean it. I'm a girl and Iran is like so there's no hope for me also it says that found the girl alone there's no help from me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk a little bit about I am your father you talk a little bit about that. In a smoky mountains love -- not said often that there is almost a body language that expresses the affection and and and when he passed in 2000. You had asked him what he was most proud and -- intelligent that you were known as the Buckley. The kids around the country and you had expected some some kind of other response. I don't know what I was expecting my dad was special grant he never could say the words I love you because that is most of us -- Shaq. But as out of office said then it was time we didn't know it we -- is we heard his voice and we. We felt it -- it in the way that he work force but. But that is the reason that I started imagination library and the cost that he could reignite he'd never had to change go to school Plaxo mini country -- isn't have to. Go to work in The Beatles and help make it -- for the rest of the -- So the fact and then was not educated it was a it was a big hindrance to him he is always kind of -- -- extension -- that. So the fact that I had started this cost him he -- felt like he'd he'd play an important role toward education that. That I've done this for this reason and to help -- little kids learn to -- so the fact that they comic book lady. Hate to stop that was the -- -- out of me drama as a success. But I think he felt part of that and so that -- A lot to him -- In other U foundations and that you take very seriously and -- as we give books to children from the town they're born once a month. Until I start school -- we started -- in my home canning. As a -- those reasons -- win over Tennessee now -- all over the world.

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{"id":23690712,"title":"Dolly Parton Reflects on Childhood as 'Outcast'","duration":"3:54","description":"Country superstar was teased growing up dirt poor","url":"/GMA/video/dolly-parton-reflects-childhood-outcast-23690712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}