Donald Trump Admits to Mistakes Before Wisconsin Primary

The GOP presidential front-runner is trying to fend off Ted Cruz in the crucial primary state.
2:36 | 04/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Admits to Mistakes Before Wisconsin Primary
Now to the race for the white house. Voters in Wisconsin getting ready to head to the polls tomorrow where republican front-runner Donald Trump is facing a strong challenge from Ted Cruz. April shaping up to be a huge month. Another huge month, we should say N the race. With at least 255 delegates at stake for the republicans. ABC's Tom llamas is here tracking it all. Reporter: Senator Ted Cruz feeling confident about Wisconsin. He knows if he wins there, this race could be decided on the convention floor. This, as Donald Trump is calling for governor John kasich to get out of the race because he's taking away potential votes. This morning, Donald Trump trying to bounce back after a rough stretch. From drama with his campaign. To fumbling on abortion. And a war of words over with wives. Was this my best week? I guess not. I could have done without the retweet, et cetera. Reporter: In a rare move, trump admitting he's made mistakes and regrets initially suggesting that women should be punished for having an illegal abortion. As a hypothetical question, I'd rather answer it in a different way. Reporter: Today, wife Melania returns to the campaign trail. He'll be the best president. Reporter: This as senator Ted Cruz says trump's misstatements on issues like abortion happen because he's not a real republican. Donald Trump's answers are the answers of someone who's a liberal, trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear. Reporter: Cruz not the only one taking shots at trump. Donald Trump doesn't not personally condone violence. Right. Let's see what's randomly happening at his rally right now. I'm voting for you! Reporter: For the democrats a new fight is brewing. Hillary Clinton said she's ready to debate Bernie sanders on "Good morning America" before the New York primary in two weeks. Sanders, not ready to commit. People of New York deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state and facing the country. I suspect it will work out. This morning, lot of people in the political world are talking about new story in new York magazines, about Donald Trump and in this story, two interesting nuggets, one, ivanka Trump wanted Donald Trump to apologize after his comments about Mexican immigrants when he announced and that Donald Trump has been wearing a bullet proof vest out on the campaign trail. Tom, thanks very much. My interview now with Hillary Clinton, she's under

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The GOP presidential front-runner is trying to fend off Ted Cruz in the crucial primary state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38132064","title":"Donald Trump Admits to Mistakes Before Wisconsin Primary","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-admits-mistakes-wisconsin-primary-38132064"}