Donald Trump Campaign Manager Talks Latest Controversies

Kellyanne Conway talks to "GMA" about Trump's claims that Hillary Clinton is a bigot and his stance on immigration.
4:58 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Campaign Manager Talks Latest Controversies
Let's talk about that are kellyanne Conway, Mr. Trump's new campaign manager. No tweets from reince priebus. The speak eer of the house, Paul Ryan, or Mitch Mcconnell. Are you disappointed? Reince priebus was with Mr. Trump last night in aspen together in a fund rarz. They'll be together today. Nothing public. I think they're busy behind the scenes. We had the RNC in yesterday. We feel good about the relationship between the presidential campaign and the republican national committee. This conversation has to be had. Usually republican nominees are not bold enough to do into communities of color and compete for all ears and all votes. Mr. Trump deserves credit. He's been talking about the black community but doing it in white communities. He's hoping they're listening. We had african-american leaders yesterday together in a meeting. They're telling him what concerns them within their communities. He's listening. We heard Mr. Trump say he thinks Hillary Clinton is a bigot. Do you think she is? Her policies have left many people behind. If we're going to look at the 70% of Americans saying this country is headed in the wrong direction, we can't abide policies by a political party and Hillary Clinton -- - Why does he need the call her a bigot? Is she right to call him a bigot? He's caused a bigot, a racist, a sexist. Why is her team allowed to hurl personal insults and get away with not having a press conference for 265 days. More to the point, why is she giving speeches with two months to go about him and about a website and not about health care and the economy and education? And Isis? All the things Americans tell people in the ABC polls they care about. I think she brings up the website because it was run by the CEO of your campaign right now, Mr. Bannon. We saw reports saying he had been charged with domestic violence in 1996. According to court record, told his wife not to appear to file the charges. Was Mr. Trump aware of this is the is he okay with it? I don't know what he was aware of with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped. That's all I know is what I reed. Let's talk about immigration. Questions about Mr. Trump's policies the last couple of days. Throughout the primaries, he was clear. All the undocumented imfwrants in the country would have to lee the country. Sthat still his position? Yes, I think you've heard him over the course of a week explain his position as being what it's always been. No amnesty. He's going to build a wall, the center piece of his campaign from the beginning. He wants to protect the america American worker. A way of talking about immigration that few people do. He wants to make sure American workers looking for jobs who feel like they're competing with other folks have the opportunity. He has made clear that those who have committed no crime will be returned immediately. And enforcing the law, unfortunately, in Washington, is such a novel concept. If you enforce the law, so much of this takes care of itself. As he said last night to a different anchor and a didn't network, we don't know how many are out there. He said a couple of different things. On Sean hannity's show, he suggested that the undocumented could stay here legally. He talked on Anderson cooper's show about leaving the country and coming back. If they stay, will there be a path on legalization? He's said Mo path to legalization, no path to citizen ship. No amnesty. You can return home, and if you would like to STA in line, the thing that everybody else is stand in line, wait your turn, go through the Normal courses. How will he get them out of the country? That will be determined. He has to talk to law enforcement agencies. This has never been tried on such a scale. It's president Obama who has deported by some estimates 2 million plus people. We know it's possible. It's just how do we -- how are we dealing with the fact at the a, we have illegal immigrants living among us? He wants to find a fair, humane way that doesn't cause people harm. All the undocumented immigrants in the country will have to go? He has said first you throw the bad once out. The one who is have committed a crime. They leave. We don't know the number. Some people have estimated 1 million. Then you find a humane, fair way to deal with those still here. He said last night, they would have to return to their home countries. Then if they would like to come back the way they should have in the first place, they're welcome to do so. We're the most generous country to imgranlts around the world. That won't change under Donald

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Kellyanne Conway talks to \"GMA\" about Trump's claims that Hillary Clinton is a bigot and his stance on immigration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41665867","title":"Donald Trump Campaign Manager Talks Latest Controversies","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-campaign-manager-talks-latest-controversies-41665867"}