Donald Trump Jr. Addresses Birther Issue, 'Gas Chamber' Comment

Donald Trump’s son and close advisor talks to “GMA” about his comment blaming the media for building up Hillary Clinton and his father’s birther battle against President Obama.
6:57 | 09/16/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Jr. Addresses Birther Issue, 'Gas Chamber' Comment
Down trump signed on junior executive vice president the Trump Organization close advisor. To his father as a savior you want your father's closest advisor. Why can't you won't concede the President Obama was born US and I think he said it last night he would he doesn't want to say at executing his campaign spokesperson who is speaking to last night and I was with the team when they were doing a draft of the statement to say just that. What he doesn't want to do. He doesn't want to get off messages want to create another story what's talk about jobs. He wants to talk to let his economic plan acknowledged that President Obama is one united that they what's the talk about jobs for Americans he wants to talk about his revolutionary plan. For women and working mothers these days. Those are the things we gonna talk about it you know we don't want to create gossip scenario all over this thing. This is the presidency of the United States we want to talk about the issues and putting Americans back to work but he's the only person you can put this to rest in the past his campaign is that he believes that. Your father has not set himself. Yes President Obama was born in the United States I was wrong to question that that is coming from him because I was involved in those conversations he's gonna put. The head of his campaign spokesperson is putting it out that's from the campaign. What you said in a pass hey don't believe what you read when someone says a source close to the campaign. You don't believe what those people certainly those are good guys try to get media last week Kellyanne Conway his campaign manager for medicine and saying those. Donald Trump believes. That the president was born in the states yet. When the press when Donald Trump has the chance to do that yesterday himself he refuses to do it this is coming from him. And I was involved in those conversations are gonna hear him say those words I don't know but he's business and in this should be the definitive end of it. Yet we thought it was a definitive and when he acknowledged that hey we got we got beat Obama through releases birth certificate and but. Again we want to talk about jobs we don't want to talk about gossip what he's talking about for years but he can and that they simply saying. Yes the president was ordinances I was wrong question I believe that's what he did last night. That's not what he did well we're gonna have to discriminate and that's coming from and I guess I know because I was part of the conversation he has the ability to senator tweak reasons is that what I believe. But let's talk about you as well you dishonest comments he made about the gas chamber drawing a lot of questions of from the anti defamation league. Here's what they say we hope you understand the sensitivity and heard of making holocaust jokes we hope you were tracked when you were tracked. I didn't say anything about. Holocaust I was talking. About media bias I was talking about if your conservative it's essentially capital punishment even Jake Tapper from CNN said. Let's start from Jr. put out the same thing he played the clip yesterday it was putter that I said the same thing two weeks ago but the media bias. And I use that term electric chair it was portraits of worth perhaps but in no way shape or form was ever even remotely talk about the Holocaust I wouldn't do it I think that's disgusting. It's not my style my sister's orthodox Jewish my brother in laws was a great friend and confidence that. Half of my best man in my wedding and the bridesmaids at my wedding we're Jewish I would never do that but what it really shows. Unfortunately it almost proves the point I say something rather than the media asking me about it rather than saying. Hey Don is a sweet talking about the Holocaust they jump only god he's talking over the Pentagon initially what his answer it makes the it it's the bias that I was talking about if I say something rather than talking about a great job went rather than talking about a great jobs who implant. You know they can attack my father anymore they've run out of endless Connecticut attack me you have Cosmo. Trying to attack my sister I understand that's the game that they're planning but he goes to show my point which of making about media bias which is that if you're conservative you don't even get. If there shop they don't even give you the benefit of the doubt and it's really ashamed and that's what have you coming into an eye and a negative digital elder addressing it myself. But it's Wally west and a third of Americans even trust the media anymore I mean and those of Gallup polls so you don't I think. Perhaps this does maybe media service to say let's at least be honest about these conversations let's just not jump to slander people. Over something that they would clearly never say especially when they have a history music similar. You don't mind talking about the exact same thing time and well again part of me. The questions come up and you've answered that question right now he said he didn't have the Holocaust in my part of the reason questions come up. You've had other tweets from the from anti anti Semitic individuals you added mr. Graham post last week and we wanna put it up you're here right now that included. Pepe the frog which is now well known symbol of the white supremacist movement others in there. Who have been taken off Twitter because of their racist statements others who question whether the government was behind 9/11 that's why the questions come up. George if if I'd lived perhaps that's the case I'd never even heard of pet be the front I mean I bet. 90% of your viewers haven't heard of happy the truck I thought it was a throw that a wig and Ottawa's funny I had no way did if there's any connotation net. It's it's getting ridiculous but again. That proves my point which is that anything that they can possibly -- what have they can even attack my father anymore but guess what he's coming up with incredible policy. Both economic. Very aggressive policy in terms of certainly for Republican. Coming out you know plan for working mothers all of these things they can't attack the stakes agree to have answers for those things so what they do they attack me and that's okay. I'm fine if they go after me because it just shows that they have nothing against the issues that are really matter to American. Tuesday's the other questions accompany your executive vice president of the Trump Organization Sullivan Newsweek cover this week we want to put that up there right now and the article suggesting that. That the complex razed by the Trump Organization with so many different businesses in so many different countries demand. Good mr. trump 'cause sever all ties with the business during this campaign and if he becomes president. Will quit if he becomes president you'll certainly do it he said it would put these things are blind trust he'll have nothing to do with because he's much more concerned and he said to me he's much more concerned. About America. About putting Americans back to work about getting jobs for America that the business I he's creators and incredible. But he doesn't care he's had a small potatoes relative to what he can do for his country that he loved so much it's not a blind trust if you and your siblings are still running what we're not gonna be involved in government. We wouldn't you don't know governments on a blind trust you're running the company and he's president so many cups worn but he's not making any decisions as a relates to the company. This is I mean this would be standard operating procedure for any president who's had business is actually an. You whether it was George Bush what is he there's not gonna have not anything to do it and he said that very publicly he's durable aluminum and George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. And Mitt Romney the Republican candidate all put their interest in a blind trust during the campaign. Your father has not done. I won't you know he will certainly do it if you don't president but a blind trust you it's not a blind trust if it's being run by his children. It is because he'll have nothing to do with a torch he said that he wants nothing to do it he wants to fix this country. He wants to get the country on the right track is that there'll be a wall between hundreds siblings in your father we won't talk to about it but it's in the grand scheme of things it's a big company but it's small potatoes compared to what you want he's still going he doesn't need the money. He doesn't need any of those things what he wants to do is he wants to fix America he's still going to know what this is a W where they are we will we will not numbers were not to discuss those things. Which is but it doesn't matter he's trust but as you know it's a very full time job. He doesn't need to worry about the business the business is in good hands he trust us with that. A 100% thanks for much coming and saying you're much of thanks and honestly when I got so much stuff and Irish are you might south's thanks.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"Donald Trump’s son and close advisor talks to “GMA” about his comment blaming the media for building up Hillary Clinton and his father’s birther battle against President Obama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42133090","title":"Donald Trump Jr. Addresses Birther Issue, 'Gas Chamber' Comment","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-jr-addresses-birther-issue-gas-chamber-42133090"}