Donald Trump Speaks Out on Plan to Ban Muslims

The Republican presidential contender has called for a "complete and total shutdown" on Muslim immigration.
8:05 | 12/08/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump Speaks Out on Plan to Ban Muslims
We will see and let's talk to Mr. Trump himself. He joins us on the phone. You've heard that chorus of condemnation not only from Hillary Clinton but a lot of republicans as well including the chair of the New Hampshire republican party, she says it's unrepublican, unconstitutional, unamerican. Do you have any second thoughts at all you may have gone too far. First of all she's a bush person and she's wants to see bush and bush will crash like no one has ever seen before. We've had calls in, thousands and thousands of people. You saw last night we were on a ship. There were thousands of people there. There were thousands of people and, frankly, it was a standing ovation that wouldn't stop. The people and you did polls. something happen. center -- a lot forget they tried to blow it up twice. We had so many other incidents and now the last incident in California, now it turns out that $28,000 was deposited this punk's safety account probably fighting, something has to be done. If you look at what I'm saying -- Let me stop you right there. Let me stop you. Tell us how it's going to work if you indeed are going to get 24 done. Unlikely it could pass congress even if it did likely to be found unconstitutional so how will you do this. I'm calling very simply for a shutdown of muslims entering the United States and here's a key until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. They don't know. How would you stop them from The other night with a speech tweeted out, is that all there is? He didn't say anything. We have people in this country country. You know it and so do I. The polls have come out and of those polls agreed that the in the United States is and they want a global jihad. sitting back, you will have many more world trade center, it'll only get worse. You look at Paris, you know, I'm not talking about the horrible carnage that took place, Paris is no longer the same city. They have areas in Paris where the police refuse to go to. You go there because it's so dangerous -- I understand what you're saying, sir. We don't want that for our country, George. We have to figure it out. Tell me how this is going to work. If an American citizen travels overseas, they're Muslim, they cannot come back. No, they can come back. We're talking about all -- this is not only -- if a person is a Muslim, goes overseas and comes That's different but we have to figure things out. over his apartment and people knew it and they didn't want to call the police. They knew there was a problem because they didn't want to racially profile him. Now, I actually don't believe that. I think these people knew what was going on. I think they are using that as an excuse. They didn't want to racially -- did you ever hear of anything so stupid? They didn't want to call the police -- You keep telling -- They didn't want to racially profile. Look, George, we have problems in this country. We have people that want to blow up our buildings, our cities and we have to figure out what's going on. Something is happening that's not good. You're still not telling -- I will tell you this proposal has been met by intelligent people with great popularity. Now, George, let me just finish off by saying, it is a period of time, it's until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. Well, the question is how would they figure out what was going on and how would you know that people are muslims that are coming into the country and it's not on any passport in the world and you have a lot of support, cover of "The Philadelphia daily news." New furor over Donald Trump showing you raising your hand in a pretty demonstrative gesture and from the council, are we talking internment camps, the final solution to the Muslim question? I feel like I'm back in th the '30s. You're increasingly being compared to hitler. Does that give you pause? No, because what I'm doing is no different than fdr. His solution for German, Italian, Japanese, you know, many years -- You're for internment camps. This is a president highly respected by all, he did the same thing, if you look at what he was doing, it was far worse, I mean, he was talking about the Germans because we're at war. We are now at war. We have a president that doesn't want to say that, but we are now at war. I've got to press you on that, sir. You're praising fdr there. I take it you're praising the setting up of internment camps Take a look at presidential 2527. Having to do with alien German, alien Italian, alien Japanese and what they did. You know, they stripped them of proceedings. They went through a whole list of things, they couldn't go five They weren't allowed to use radios, flashlights. I mean, you know, take a look at what fdr did many years ago and he's one of the most highly respected presidents by -- I mean respected by most people. Named highways after him. positives like that? No, I don't want to bring it It's a temporary measure until whom are grossly incompetent, until our representatives can figure out what's going on. We just had a case where people, cases like that. came in. He came in. They were radicalized. They were look at doing something miraculously yesterday they found $28,000 just put into He was paid a lot of money just to find out where. There are many, many other right now. are muslims. pariah nation and play right George, if you look at Paris, if you look at some of these you can't even -- Paris is a good example. Not only the carnage, take a look at Paris, the real Paris is a different Paris than the city of lights that you read about. They have areas in Paris where it is so radicalized and so vicious, I told you, that the police refuse to go there. They will not go there. That's what's going to happen So one more time, no second now until the United States can figure out how this is going -- how long do you expect this I hope we can figure it out but sitting there our country will never be the same and you just what is going on, we have no choice but to do this, George. Donald Trump, thank you for your time this morning. Martha Raddatz on this, Martha,

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{"duration":"8:05","description":"The Republican presidential contender has called for a \"complete and total shutdown\" on Muslim immigration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35640498","title":"Donald Trump Speaks Out on Plan to Ban Muslims","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-speaks-plan-ban-muslims-35640498"}