Donald Trump's Campaign Manager on VP Debate

Kellyanne Conway responds to Hillary Clinton's assessment that Gov. Mike Pence did not defend his running mate, Trump, in the vice presidential debate.
3:16 | 10/06/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump's Campaign Manager on VP Debate
I guess she was referring to the jewish new year. We're here with kellyanne Conway. Democrats putting out videos and ads saying that, Mike pence missed an opportunity to defend Donald Trump on Tuesday night. We totally disagree. I understand why they're desperate to clean up Tim kaine's performance. He interrupted 72 times. When he wasn't interrupting the female moderator, he was ignoring her pleading with him to stop and answer the question. We're happy with governor pence's performance. It was spectacular. The fact that he's proudly on the ticket tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump. He did, ploez differences. Many times, Mr. Trump said we should not take sides in the fight in Syria. Mike pence says we should be preparing to take action. Do they agree? The rush qua reset that Hillary Clinton has proudly tried to own has been Ady disaster. These fake and feined red lines are a problem. Take military action against Assad? We don't know. When they're president and vice president, we'll see. We want to join with allies in the region for help. This is a humanitarian crisis. It's heart-breaking to everyone. To read those stories every day. Families being torn apart. People being murdered. I know you're pleased with Mike pence's performance. The polls have fallen since Mr. Trump's debate. Something in "The Wall Street journal" this morning. What did Mr. Trump learn from the video tapes? He was trying to answer the questions as they were asked. Mrs. Clintden was trying to get out the five or six zingers she had rehearsed for a number of days. This time, I think Donald Trump in a town hall format, it's one he's very comfortable. You have seen him, because ABC has covered some of his town hall formats. He's the one out there at the rallies and smaller settings. Every single day. He just had a west coast tour where basically, there were more people outside trying to get in than inside practically. Thousands and thousands of people there to hear his message. It's a comfortable format. Think Donald Trump got no credit for being gracious to secretary Clinton, asking her should I call you secretary Clinton when she was calling him Donald. At the end pulling his punches about bill Clint and the women and how she treated the women in the 1990s. He got no credit for being gracious and restrained. I thought he made a lot of great points. He talked about the differences on trade and immigration. And that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created the vacuum in which Isis was formed. He does need a win Sunday night doesn't he? He needs a win on November 8th. Hillary Clinton is not at 50% and staying anywhere in the states. Why is that for someone spending tens of millions of dollars in negative ads? Kellyanne Conway, thank you very much. The next presidential. Debate Sunday night. Our Martha Raddatz co-anchoring with Anderson cooper.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Kellyanne Conway responds to Hillary Clinton's assessment that Gov. Mike Pence did not defend his running mate, Trump, in the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42609596","title":"Donald Trump's Campaign Manager on VP Debate","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trumps-campaign-manager-vp-debate-42609596"}