Donald Trump's Charity Under Fire

The Washington Post reports the Republican presidential candidate used more than $250K in Trump Foundation donations to settle personal lawsuits.
3:01 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Charity Under Fire
With 48 days of the final vote Donald Trump under fire over his foundation Washington Post reported the trunk is more than a quarter million dollars in donations to settle personal business lawsuits. Based on an honest on the trail with trump and Raleigh, North Carolina good morning time. George good morning to you this is exactly the type of story that has knocked football message in the past. Trump has said he's donated more than 100 million dollars to charity. What he's never provided any proof. This morning there is proof he dory a lot of money to charities for questionable reasons and a lot of that money wasn't out of the squawking. Dial troll it's always point the finger at systems he called corn crop and raked. But now it's from its foundation being accused of shady deals. The Washington Post quality several instances were trove allegedly used foundation money to settle lawsuits and for personal gain. A charity violation notice silk Dee Lee. In one case trump racked up a 120000. Dollar fine at his moral model resort. Roth wide poll nearly twice the size allowed it to out. Be settled by agreeing to donate 100000 dollars to a veteran's charity the problem. ABC news has lowered the check came from the Donald Trump foundation not trump himself. Let's be great period of years a check in veterans' charity received 100000. Dollars. Because of that Nana I am sure that they benefited front. Just last night from bragged about tactic he uses in his business it's called OPM. Other people's money. Old lady can spend without using his money in some cases I do that all the time and physical other people's money there's nothing like doing things with. Other people's money foot deep prompted the same thing with his foundation. The billionaire candidate is accused of buying all are with the foundation money. In 2014. Allegedly spending 101000 dollars of the Foundation's cash on this portrait of himself. Seen here on trip advisors website. The Foundation's tax returns show the last time he meet a personal contribution was eight years ago. The post reports since then he's been 121000 dollars of the Foundation's money at a charity auction to buy a helmet sunlight Tim Tebow. Candidates Stanley Foundation has saved countless lives around the world. Other candidates. Foundation. Took money in other people due to his charity. And then bought a six foot tall painting of himself. Now the trump campaign says that everything has been reported to the I arrests and this report is -- quote distraction from the corral Clinton Campaign. We should mention the New York attorney general is investigating the truck foundation right now. For a donation it may to a group supporting Florida's attorney general Pam body for 45000 dollars. At the time body was considering investigating trump university she never dated quality says she would never exchange favors for donations George okay talent thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The Washington Post reports the Republican presidential candidate used more than $250K in Trump Foundation donations to settle personal lawsuits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42242088","title":"Donald Trump's Charity Under Fire","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trumps-charity-fire-42242088"}