Donald Trump's Sons Discuss Their Father's Chances of Winning Iowa

Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump talk about their dad's race for the White House.
3:01 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Sons Discuss Their Father's Chances of Winning Iowa
There it is only three candidates have gone on to win Iowa and then go on the white house. Will it be Donald Trump? Ahead in the polls right now. But who knows what will happen tonight. We'll talk to two people who know him best, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Thank you for joining us. Let me start by asking you the question, how worried are you? We have been going around the state, the energy is amazing. The love we felt is incredible. People have to get out to vote. There's a tremendous amount of support. New territory for your father and we were talking a little bit before, you said this is new for you guys, too. It has been. The people have embraced as so well. It means so much when you see that kind of enthusiasm for what he's trying to do, change the game. Being a nonpolitician coming into this world and doing so well with this. It means so much to us. Lot of positive messages. Lot of enthusiasm. Ahead in most of the big states now. Lot of criticism as well. It's hardest as kids. You want to defend your father. He's our best friend. If you're running for commander in chief, you better have thick skin. You're going to get hit while you're in the white house and the oval office. We're proud of him again. Again, you have to have that thick coat, otherwise you won't do well in this process. Running for commander in chief, it seems like since the '80s about your father possibly running for the president of the United States. What is the earlierest memory that you had that your father was possibly going to run for president. I think we have seen it throughout our lives. In 2012 was the first time we thought he's going to do it. We were very young in the organization, he wouldn't jeopardize their careers, livelihood to stick away if he didn't think the company had good stewards. He's way too loyal of a guy to jeopardize all that they have given him over the years. It means too much to him. Reality check time, your dad wrote in the book, if you want to know when I'm wrong ask my kids. Give us something real. Oh, no. I would say never, George. He You are trump. We don't understand that word. I think over the years, he knows. He'll do that. He's given us great autonomy to do what we need in the business. It's a lot of fun. He's tough but he's fair. That's the way he'll always be. We got to go. Thanks, guys. Good luck today. We'll be right back. ?

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump talk about their dad's race for the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36636414","title":"Donald Trump's Sons Discuss Their Father's Chances of Winning Iowa","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trumps-sons-discuss-fathers-chances-winning-iowa-36636414"}