How to Dress Like Your Favorite Oscar Star at a Fraction of the Cost

New App Wishclouds shows you where to buy Oscar star's outfits on sale.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Dress Like Your Favorite Oscar Star at a Fraction of the Cost
RA when you see your favorite stars you could only wish to have their style right -- there's a start up it's called which clouds and it's making it happen for you the social stopping shopping site. Took screen shots of your favorite stars and tell you. Where you can buy luxury outfits or replicate the look with a more affordable designer we want to welcome -- west the wish clouds fashion stylist -- So witty -- -- when things go on -- and -- -- night that it. -- -- -- -- -- And let us -- and clouds and when he unveiled. An makes a totally different or any other shot. And -- -- -- and a inlets. And of course the Oscars are huge time for fashion a lot of people look at the stars as they walked down the red carpet that for some is the best part of the entire shell. -- what are you doing for Oscars. Done in me I next on and a website. Where are you asking you what it top nominees are -- going to be on the record. And to act in movie and it will extend our we have. Friendly -- is T. Adams Jennifer Lawrence -- C a Smart business you probably make a cut every time somebody wish clad something and then ends up buying -- So what do you make. Well we -- here to -- people money but we definitely Aaron. -- -- that I mean it's a business here you're doing this for profit obviously but it it's also a Smart idea how you come up with the whole idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- people say any. That's pretty pretty nice to all of it and who's backing you. And -- who was backing you Wear your financial backers. We have and I did Britney Spears. And come. That is how where you know reading -- -- and now and when you an issue. He started I mean I understand that every start -- -- to go out on that happen actually to get the investors. How was it going after investors what -- is near 32 sales pitch and how long did take you to really hone in on what worked. Well really that did not mean that he had a great teen who. Are clo and ex CEO Lowell Dyer are great acts and everything money where his company. All right. -- -- your background you love fashion so what do you think we're gonna see on the red carpet this year. I definitely hoping to see a lot you know not so much down. I'm hoping to see a bit more clear that I went it will cease and good luck seeing. He had something read slowly and constantly and at least not -- -- actually -- and clouds that we tree. Very cool -- west we really appreciate look forward to seeing what's up on which clouds after the Oscar is EEM. And -- you for joining us for -- as we want me here who you want to win best actress and actor and best film at the Academy Awards so tweet us. At real visit with RJ or chat with me any time. At Rebecca Jarvis on Twitter thanks so much for joining us on real this this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great one enjoy the Oscars.

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{"id":22718653,"title":"How to Dress Like Your Favorite Oscar Star at a Fraction of the Cost ","duration":"3:00","description":"New App Wishclouds shows you where to buy Oscar star's outfits on sale.","url":"/GMA/video/dress-favorite-oscar-star-fraction-cost-22718653","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}